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Marjorie Taylor Greene attends Moment of Truth Summit

The Moment of Truth Summit, hosted by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, began on Saturday morning at the Springfield Expo Center. Lindell organized the summit to promote his election integrity campaign, describing it as the “most critical event America has ever witnessed, a watershed moment in history, an apex in history.”

Hundreds of supporters from across the country attended the Moment of Truth Summit. Since before the details were revealed, Lindell has been touting the event as his most important yet. He had previously called it “the most significant event in our lifetimes.” He stated that invitations were sent to “grassroots” individuals and groups across the country, and that the events of the weekend will be livestreamed on Lindell’s website.

“Marjorie, don’t talk about the election” – Marjorie Taylor Greene attends Moment of Truth Summit by Mike Lindell

moment of truth summit highlights

Mike Lindell invited U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on-stage at the Moment of Truth Summit on Sunday morning. Greene attended the event as a surprise guest during Lindell’s weekend-long summit in Springfield.

The Georgia Republican spoke on the second day of the event, which drew attendees from across the country, with the majority coming from outside Missouri. In her speech, she lashed out at the Democrats, declaring that their policies are ruining the country.

Marjorie Taylor Greene at Moment of Truth Summit

“The reason why I came here is I’ve recently gotten really tired of being told ‘Marjorie, don’t talk about the election,'” Greene said in her address. “You have poured money and time you didn’t have, of course money you didn’t have,” she said, adding. “You have probably lost friends, maybe you lost a job. Maybe you’ve lost faith at times, but you found it again and you keep fighting.”

Former legal aide to Trump also attended Moment of Truth Summit

Jenna Ellis, a former legal aide to erstwhile president Donald Trump’s campaign, joined Mike Lindell at the Moment of Truth Summit. Earlier this week, Ellis was summoned to Georgia to testify before a grand jury investigating the roles of former President Donald Trump and his associates in influencing the 2020 election. 

“According to the leftist media, because I have a subpoena for one day, I can’t be here,” Ellis said at the summit, adding, “Like I’m on house arrest or something.”

Jenna Ellis

A Colorado judge ordered Ellis to appear before a Georgia grand jury on Tuesday to answer questions about her role in the Trump campaign’s attempt to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. Ellis informed the judge during the hearing that she will be travelling to Missouri for the event this week.

Ellis also appeared in a promotional image for the event’s opening session, “How We Got Here.” She appeared alongside Dr. Douglas Frank.

Other speakers at the event

Steve Bannon, a former political adviser to Donald Trump, who was recently convicted on criminal contempt of Congress charges, also attended the event on the second day.

Steve Bannon

Rep. Ann Kelley, a Republican from Lamar, Missouri, was also invited to the weekend summit. Kelley also attended Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, last year, and later testified before a House panel on elections. She said that she came to the event to see if Lindell and his allies had “anything new” to say.

There was also the evening premiere of ‘Selection Code’, a documentary about the 2020 election by Lara Logan, a former CBS News journalist. Logan has gained popularity among right-wing circles who promote conspiracy theories about vaccinations, COVID-19, and election fraud.

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Moment of Truth Summit highlights

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