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Download My Son Hunter movie for offline watch

My Son Hunter is a newly released political drama that is centered around the controversial story of US President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad with foreign nationals in Central Europe, Russia, and Communist China. The story is narrated using a satirical style, and depicts Hunter Biden’s shady, drug-fuelled life along with the honourable mention to the “laptop from hell.” The majority of the film is set in December 2019, the month the FBI took control of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which Hunter had forgotten he had left at a computer repair shop.

The movie My Son Hunter begins, “This is not a true story… except for all of the facts.” The film is extremely well-directed, written, and acted, with some crazy, funny, and dramatic moments. It simplifies a complex subject with many details into a digestible, absorbing story. My Son Hunter depicts corruption and immorality at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, the federal government, and the “news” media

Hunter Biden

Download My Son Hunter movie for offline watch

The movie My Son Hunter has recently been released online on the official movie website. Those who wish to watch the movie will be required to purchase it, and can then stream the movie online through the official website itself. 

As of now, there is no source to download the movie for offline streaming, and there is no confirmation yet, if My Son Hunter will be made available on online streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

My Son Hunter movie

We will be updating this space if and when a source for downloading My Son Hunter movie for offline streaming is made available. Until then, stay tuned with us!

Watch trailer for the movie

Since its release a few weeks ago, the trailer for the movie My Son Hunter has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. 

In a comment, actor James West from Mother Jones wrote, “As incredulous as I was, I’m sorry to confirm it’s real.” Summarizing, West wrote: “Pass the popcorn, and then the vomit bag.”

Gina Carano

The film stars British actor Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden, and John James (who suffered an injury while shooting for the film) as US President Joe Biden. Additionally, the film includes The Mandalorian star and former wrestler Gina Carano who plays the role of a Secret Service agent, along with Emma Gojkovic starring as Grace Anderson, a.k.a. “Kitty.”

The film is produced through crowdfunding with over $2 million dollars collected. The film is developed by Irish conservative filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney. 

My Son Hunter was filmed in Serbia, which according to McAleer, resembles the scenes of Ukraine. “To accurately depict Hunter Biden’s life, you need strip bars and a lot of beautiful women. Serbia has a lot of both,” said McAleer. 

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer
Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer

My Son Hunter was officially released on 7th September. The movie was screened privately in an invitation-only event in Los Angeles. The premiere was stripped of all the pomp and ‘celebrity-ness.’ It was a quiet screening without serpentine lines of photographers and red carpets or a premiere-worthy buffet of sushi and martinis. Instead, the guests snacked on plain old ‘Corn Pop’ and bottled water. 

Nevertheless, the film received a standing ovation from its small number of attendees, many of whom praised Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney’s courage for making it. 

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