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Truth Social web version launched ahead of its May 31st deadline: What does this mean for the Truth Social brand?

Former President Donald Trump’s media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, has announced the launch of a web app for Truth Social, which aims to merge with special-purpose acquisition company Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Anyone with a computer, phone, or other internet-connected devices can use the new web app to access the Twitter-like Truth Social app. According to the firm, the online app was launched ahead of the originally planned May 31 deadline.

Digital World Acquisition Corp. filed an S-4 with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week in connection with its intended merger with Trump Media & Technology Group. The deal is expected to be finalised in the second half of 2022, according to the SPAC.

What does the launch of the web version mean for Truth Social?

Truth Social has faced hellfire in the form of public scrutiny due to the rocky launch of its iOS version. Many prospective users bemoaned the never-ending waiting list and android users were frustrated about having to wait for entry into the ‘Cancel cancel-culture’ club.

One of the biggest problems with an app launch that focuses on one small fraction of loyalists, especially those who are perceived as elite in comparison to the ones left out, is that it may cause serious haemorrhages in supporters’ allegiance. This aspect of the Truth Social iOS version launch provided lots of fodder for the Left to chew the cud on.

Steps to Create an Account on Truth Social Web Application
You can now create an Account on Truth Social Web Application

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The reason why this kind of disintegration in allegiance would spell doom for the Trump camp is that this social media platform was created with the sole purpose of providing ‘freedom of expression’ to the masses. An app launch that is perceived as elitist fails on all counts at keeping the said promise.

With the launch of the Truth Social web version comes the erosion of the apartheid that denied android users the chance to enrol on the anti-Big Tech social media platform spearheaded by Trump. Users of all devices, be it android or windows, can now access Truth Social and stand shoulder to shoulder beside their beloved Great MAGA King.

Truth Social

Heavily criticised for being disorganised during its iOS launch, the launch of the Truth Social web version before its slated May 31st deadline can also do wonders for the goodwill of the Truth Social brand. Nonetheless, with his most powerful megaphone back in his hand in the form of a digital connectivity platform that he calls all the shots for, Trump will only rise to greater glory. This may well be the harbinger of another landslide presidential victory for Trump, come 2024.




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