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The launch of Trump’s Truth Social’s Web app will give the platform millions of additional users

Update 19th May 2022: Truth Social web version is now available for public access. We have provided a walkthrough on the signup process for Truth Social web here.

According to Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington, Trump announced in October 2021 that he was launching his own platform called Truth Social to “take a stand against the tyranny of Big Tech.” “We live in a world where the Taliban has a sizable Twitter following, but your favourite American president has been effectively silenced,” Trump said in a statement. Trump Media & Technology Group, according to a press release, will be the company’s name (TMTG).

Truth Social Web Application will be launched very soon

Truth Social, the rapidly expanding social platform founded by former President Donald Trump, is close to launching a Web application that will bring the product to millions more people. Truth Social prompted potential customers to sign up for the soon-to-be-released Web app over the weekend. “Would you like a sneak peek at the newly designed Truth Social Web App? It said, “Sign up here for a chance to beta test from any device,” and directed customers to a signup link. “While we won’t be able to handle everyone, we’ll do everything we can to add as many interested users as possible,” the statement concluded.

Truth Social

Truth Social was first released on the Apple iOS smartphone platform earlier this year, but Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes informed the News last month that the Web app would give customers who are using Android or Microsoft smart devices or chose desktop and laptop computers for their social media activities a significant boost. And we’ll be releasing it soon so you can access it from anywhere on the internet,” Nunes said. “So you’ll be able to access that on the web regardless of what device you have.” We would just like to make sure… that we’re not only good but also highly reliable.”

About Truth Social Web Application

Truth Social is only available for iOS devices; an Android version has yet to be released. We’ll notify you when truth social becomes available for Android users. Join our Telegram channel for the most up-to-date information: Telegrams were sent all over the world. The app is currently only available on the App Store for iOS users; Android users will have to wait a few days longer as the Android app has not been updated. The Truth Social’s web application is currently unavailable. You can access the website through a link and then register by providing your name and email address. To use the Truth Social web application, follow these steps:

Step 1- Open Google Chrome

Step 2- Search ‘Truth Social’ on the search option or you can access it with a link.

Step 3- click on the correct application website.

Step 4- After opening the website, sign up by adding all the correct information about yourself.

Step 5- After Creating your correct login again with your Email id and password. Now you are ready to use the web application.

Download the Truth Social Web Application

Truth Social web application has not been launched yet. We’ll bring you fresh updates as and when we receive them so please stay tuned! You can also join our Telegram channel for regular updates.

The Truth Social App’s Best Features

It is currently unavailable on Android devices. The Apple Appstore is where you can get the app. All subscribers who had only signed up for a pre-order received the Truth Social app automatically. The main goal of the Truth Social app is to provide freedom of expression to everyone who uses it.

Truth Social

The Truth Social app and website aim to give people a platform to express themselves. You can also communicate with friends, customers, and people all over the world by sending photos. Truth Social, like Twitter, lets you change the colour of your profile picture and cover picture.

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Truth Social, like Twitter, lets you change your profile picture and cover picture. By following other users, you can keep track of your followers and followers count, as well as your post and like history. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a company, TruthFeed will keep you up to date on everyone you’re following. The Truth Feed is a compilation of posts from all followers, including videos, photos, links, and other media. You could use the search function on Truth Social to find any user. Before deciding whether or not to follow them, you can view all of their content.

Will Truth Social be able to compete with other well-known social media sites?

Experts believe Truth Social will be unable to compete with mainstream social media sites, according to Time Magazine. Trump’s goal of targeting a specific demographic, according to experts, will prevent the media network from reaching the same heights as Facebook and Twitter. According to Joshua Tucker, co-director of NYU’s Centre for Social Media and Politics, “the more people who join, the more value (these sites) provide.” This is a fundamental tenet of social media. Scaling becomes more difficult when you start by removing a large portion of the population. This is particularly true if there are alternatives that do not share your limitations.”

Truth Social
Truth Social

The target audience will be those who do not want to be restrained from making politically sensitive remarks or spreading false information. While nudity, violence, hate speech, and bullying will be prohibited on the site, anyone will be able to express their views, whether or not they are based on facts. “We’re not going to censor anyone because they disagree with us on something like the Covid vaccine,” Nunes said on Fox News. That is what the open internet should be for: the free flow of debate and ideas around the world, allowing people to learn from and debate one another.”

Nonetheless, things are looking good for Truth Social right now. Recently, Elon Musk shared a tweet which showed Truth Social had more downloads than Twitter. TMTG, Truth Social’s parent company, is also gearing up to launch TMTG+, a non-woke video streaming platform that is bound to serve as another feather in the Truth Social camp’s hat.



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