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At Cigref, the “big questions” of the IS migration strategy in the cloud

Au Cigref, les « grandes questions » de la stratégie de migration d'un SI dans le cloud

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Sébastien Gavois

By Sébastien Gavois

Friday December 3 2021 at 13: 27

Adapting your information system (IS) to cloud services is a “ strategic adventure for the company ”according to Cigref, which contributes its contribution by synthesizing feedback from several companies with a guide in the form of questions / answers and some pitfalls to avoid.

The Cigref (IT Club of Large French Enterprises) is a legal association 27 created in 1970. It presents itself as “ representative of the largest French companies and public administrations, exclusively users of digital solutions and services ”.

The cloud“ controls all other ”domains

It has just published a report summarizing the work of its working group on the theme “ Cloud migration strategies ”. It is therefore primarily intended for CIOs, but may also be of interest to “ anyone wishing to know the overall state of play of this issue in large French groups ”.

According to the Club,“ the cloud does not is no longer just a subdomain among others in the digital sector. It is now the one who commands all the others and will become the essential foundation for the information systems of companies and public administrations ”.

The stakes are obviously different for everyone: there are “ many start and finish lines “, to sum up. In order to see a little more clearly, a Cigref working group “ proposes to review the major questions that Cigref member organizations are currently asking themselves on migration. from the existing IS to the cloud ”.

Why switch to the cloud? Business is business…

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