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“Unendorsed” candidate Mo Brooks says he and Donald Trump will be best friends if he wins

Even though Trump initially endorsed Brooks and later withdrew his endorsement, Brooks has said that if he wins his U.S. Senate race, he will be “best buddies” with former President Donald Trump. During an interview with Real America Voice Brooks was asked if he would still support ‘America First’ even though he doesn’t have Trump’s support. Brooks said that no matter whether he gets Trump’s endorsement or not, he will always support America First and the Make America Great Again movement. “Let’s be clear, OK? I was MAGA and America First decades ago, OK? I’ve been blessed with having been elected in public office 14 different times carrying the banner of the Republican Party,” Mo Brooks says.

Mo Brooks & Trump
Mo Brooks & Trump, during better days

Brooks spoke about how he would always put America before himself and do everything in his power to be of use and service to America. Brooks also spoke about the relationship he shares with the former president and said that no matter what he would always support Trump. “Now, with respect to my relationship with Donald Trump- this I can promise you. If I prevail in this Senate race, Donald Trump and I will be best buddies,” says Brooks.

What caused the rift between Mo Brooks and Trump?

In the Alabama Senate campaign, Mo Brooks is running as a MAGA candidate. But this time, he’s doing it without Donald Trump’s permission.

Brooks learned he had lost Trump’s support after being given a reporter’s tweet on Wednesday, which surprised the veteran congressman.

Brooks’ hopes of succeeding retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby were severely harmed by Trump’s decision, which represented the climax of an increasingly tense relationship between the former president and one of his most ardent allies in Congress.

Mo Brooks unendorsed
Official statement of Mo Brooks’ unendorsement

Brooks’ flailing campaign fell behind GOP opponents Katie Britt and Mike Durant in both funding and polling after squandering an early lead in the polls, prompting Trump to reconsider his support.

According to Brooks’ team, Brooks and Trump spoke on the phone the Monday before the “unendorsement”, without any forewarning that the endorsement was in jeopardy. The next day, Trump gave an interview in which he labelled Brooks “disappointing.” The former president then abruptly announced his decision to rescind Brooks’ endorsement in a statement given to the media.

About Mo Brooks

Morris Jackson “Mo” Brooks Jr. born on 29th April 1954, is an American attorney and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Alabama’s 5th congressional district since 2011. His district is based in Huntsville and stretches across the northern fifth of the state. Brooks is a member of the Republican Party.  Brooks announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Richard Shelly in 2022 on March 22nd 2021. Brooks was initially endorsed by Trump but later Trump took back his endorsement. Though Brooks didn’t get Trump’s endorsement he managed to come second in the Republican Primary after Kate Britt. Brooks will later face Britt in another runoff election.

Mo Brooks says he will always support Trump
Mo Brooks says he will always support Trump

Brooks graduated from Duke University with a double major in political science and economics with the highest honours in economics. Brooks also got his J.D. Degree from the University of Alabama School of law in 1978. Brooks started his legal career with the Tuscaloosa County district attorney’s office. Brooks was a practising lawyer.

In 1993, he became counsel to Leo and Associates, a business law firm with a national focus, founded by Karl W. Leo. Brooks further went on to become a partner in a firm which was reorganized as Leo & Brooks, LLC. Brooks began his political career in 1982 when he was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and was later reelected in 1983, 1986 and 1990. Brooks was elected Republican house caucus chairman three times. On May 15, 2017, Brooks announced his candidacy in the 2017 United States Senate special election.



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