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The recap 'of the good plans of the moment, special Black Friday edition

Resellers obviously did not wait for this Friday to increase the promotions. They are numerous this year and should last again this weekend and Monday for Cyber ​​Monday.

SSDs are in the spotlight, whether with a SATA or PCI Express interface. Samsung’s 870 QVO is at 255, 74 euros for 4 TB, or 64 euros only per TB. For 64 euros, you can take the P2 from Crucial by M.2 (NVMe) which climbs up to 2.4 Gb / s.

On packages, RED by SFR and B & You from Bouygues Telecom have aligned themselves with 100 Go to 10 euros per month, 200 Go to 12 euros and 300 Go to 14 euros. Cdiscount Mobile climbs to 130 Go for euros. In all cases, these prices are valid without time limit.

If you are looking to equip yourself with a Wi-Fi and / or wired network, you will find routers, repeaters and switches on this page of our dedicated Bonsplans.Tech site. Perhaps the opportunity to switch to Multi-Gig with the QSW – 2104 – 2S from QNAP at 145 euros. Many accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and connected objects are also available.

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