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#LeBrief: Windows 11 SE, Meta Carrefour, 20 years of Framasoft.net, Molotov bought

Microsoft annonce Windows 11 SE (mais ce n'est pas la Seconde Édition)

This name, unfortunate enough to judge some, is not a reference to Windows 98. Nor is it the mark that this is a version that only allows installation from the Store (S) intended for the world of education (E). It stands for “Student Edition”. Yes, the publisher could have found better.

The comparative table nevertheless confirms that the major difference is in the management of applications. To avoid Windows failure 000 S, different choices have been made: the Store is removed, only a list of third-party applications can be allowed to be installed, “ including Chrome and Zoom ” for example. It has not yet been specified how this would be handled. Adjustments are also made here and there in the interface and tools activated by default according to Microsoft.

The table also mentions lighter material conditions with this system in order to reduce the cost of machines. It is thus integrated into the new Surface Laptop SE at 190 dollars (Celeron N 2030, 4 GB of memory, 60 GB of storage, 11, 6 “). Variations with Celeron N 4120 and 8 / 158 Go are also available .

Third-party manufacturers offer devices in the same price range, equipped with AMD or Intel processors, Microsoft says: Acer, ASUS, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu , HP, JP-IK, Lenovo and Positivo. This is therefore a new response to Google’s Chromebook for Education initiative, presented as “ cloud first ”and with a simplified administration, targeting classes for young children out re-Atlantic (K-8).

L’Intérieur invite les préfets à faire une veille sur les réseaux sociaux pour protéger les élus locaux

Elected officials, and in particular parliamentarians, have been the subject in recent weeks of threatening messages which are sent directly or via social networks ”.

According to France Info and AFP, the minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin has just sent a message to the prefects asking them to sharpen in particular “ the day before social networks to detect hate messages ”against the elected officials.

And this one asking state officials to report these messages to Pharos, if any.

Already last March, the Minister of the Interior recalled the training launched at his request with the national gendarmerie relating to the management of incivility and aggression which may be local elected officials.

Double anniversaire des 40 ans : Apple en France et libération de la bande FM

The iPhone manufacturer explains that, “ from a small sales team set up in 1981, Apple has significantly developed its activities in France ”. “ Today the company has 2 600 employees in the country and 20 Apple Store, the largest network in continental Europe. To this is added nearly 320 local suppliers who represent the excellence of innovation and French know-how ”.

For the occasion, an Apple Music radio studio in Paris (on the Champs-Élysées), “ the first of gender in continental Europe ”. The company recalls that its contribution “ will also soon result in original content for Apple TV + ”: Liaison, “ a six-part thriller written by Virginie Brac and starring Vincent Cassel and Eva Green ”.

On Twitter, Alexandre Archambault took the opportunity to recall that this November 9 was also “ the beginning of the liberalization of the band FM and the proliferation of what we called #RadiosLibres ”. “ The first to obtain the exemption will be Radio Zema, in Aubrac, which still exists “, adds he.

Mission Artemis : le retour des humains sur la Lune en 2024 n’est « techniquement pas réalisable » Credits: Steve Cole / iStock

This is ultimately only a confirmation of what we already knew. This summer, in fact, the Office of the Inspector General of NASA had already announced that, “ given the integration requirements, the suits would not be ready for flight. before April 2024, at the earliest ”. No wetsuit, no astronauts on the moon.

  • Artemis: the return of humans to the Moon in 2022 compromise

    Molotov racheté par l'américain fuboTV

    This time around, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson explains that “ the recent trial and other factors, the first human landing under Artemis probably won’t happen before 99 ”.

    He cites haphazardly the lack of funds allocated by Congress, the health crisis, the challenges of “ development ”… In short, the objective of the Trump administration of a return of humans to the Moon in 2024 is “ technically not achievable “.

    Before this mission on surface of the Moon, NASA will focus on unmanned flight tests of Artemis I and II around the Moon ”, explains the Space Agency. Bill Nelson indicates that the cost of developing the Orion spacecraft “ is now $ 9.3 billion since 2012 and until the first flight test with a crew at the latest in may 2024 ”.

    • Artemis missions: how NASA wants to send humans back to the moon

    Molotov racheté par l'américain fuboTV

    The service launched in France in 2014 “ joins the first American streaming platform live television and sports programs, becoming the European hub for the group’s operations ”.

    Sound CEO and founder Jean David Blanc “ remains president of the company and also becomes Chief Strategy Officer er ”. The transaction is carried out “ in the form of a cash and securities transaction for an amount of 190 millions of dollars (164, 3 M €) ”states the press release.

    It “ is subject to the required approvals and customary closing conditions, for an estimated closing date during the first quarter 2022 ”.

    Le Conseil constitutionnel censure l’accès des directeurs d’établissements scolaires aux informations médicales des élèves

    This feature was spotted by Nikolaj Hansen-Turton on Twitter, as reported by 9to5mac. The feature seems to be being deployed at the moment.

    For a donation, you can go to this page.

    Le Conseil constitutionnel censure l’accès des directeurs d’établissements scolaires aux informations médicales des élèves Credits: pinstock

    The Constitutional Council yesterday censured several provisions of the law on health vigilance, the one which extends to 31 July 2022 the possibility of declaring a state of health emergency or of requiring a health pass. In particular, it considers unconstitutional the one which opened the possibility for the directors of educational establishments to access the files of medical information relating to the pupils and to proceed to their treatment.

    These provisions would have enabled “ to access not only the virological and vaccination status of the pupils, but also to the existence of contacts with infected persons, as well as to process these data ”, without the consent of the pupils / parents.

    This medical information in question was “ likely to be communicated to a large number of people, whose authorization is not subject to no criterion or accompanied by any guarantee relating to the protection of medical confidentiality ”, writes the Constitutional Council.

    By limiting itself to providing that the processing of these data makes it possible to organize the teaching conditions to prevent the risks of the virus spreading, the legislator has not defined with sufficient precision the purposes pursued by these provisions ”. And this one to censor a disproportionate invasion of privacy.

    These criticisms addressed by the nine Wise Men had already been expressed during the debates. Philippe Gosselin, for example, denounced a provision tabled at the last minute by the government in “ fundamental and extraordinary breach of confidence and medical confidentiality “.

    An unthinkable breach in a secret that must be kept and not used for school purposes, even if you put health security first ”explained MP LR. Same analysis for Emilie Cariou who pinned a very serious violation of students’ medical confidentiality.

    In its decision, the Constitutional Council also underlines that the presentation of the “ sanitary pass ”may not be required for access to polling stations or to political meetings and activities.

    Microsoft ajoute à Bing de nouvelles fonctionnalités shopping

    With the last update of the search engine, the display of results on products “ is now more practical with information on the popularity of items, prices in several stores and promotions ”. A feature that can obviously be found on Google.

    Two interesting options are highlighted: it is possible to compare prices and especially to have access to a history of tariffs. The “ payment process is simplified ” is simplified by the way says Microsoft, with for example the possibility of directly adding a product in its Amazon basket.

    Nothing is specified on the other hand concerning possible partnerships with brands and / or online stores. As always, it will be necessary to verify that the promotions displayed with great price drops are real.

    Qualcomm veut faciliter la création d’applications en réalité augmentée

    This is in any case the goal of the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. It offers “ the tools necessary to bring developers’ ideas to life and revolutionize the possibilities of augmented reality “.

    Among the functionalities, it is a question of mapping the environment, determine the position in space and follow the movement of the hands, detect flat surfaces (such as a desk), recognize and track image and object, etc. A presentation video has been uploaded.

    For the moment, no new material is announced, the aim being to propose a system “ open ”and“ multi-device ”, as evidenced by the long list of partners. Indeed, “ major OEMs of smartphones and augmented reality hardware, including Lenovo, Motorola, OPPO and Xiaomi, will be the first partners to support Snapdragon Spaces in 2022 […] The Lenovo ThinkReality A3 connected glasses with a Motorola smartphone will be the first to market Snapdragon Spaces ”.

    The platform is accessible by “ early access Now for some developers, with general availability expected next spring.

    Carrefour : un « partenariat stratégique ambitieux » avec Meta (Facebook)

    The press release explains that it “ will cover many aspects of Carrefour’s activity, from internal communication to the employee experience, including customer relations, digital advertising and the digitization of prospectuses, local and social communication commerce ”.

    On the side of the services of Meta, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Workplace will be used. The goal is to help “ Carrefour to build the future of its mobile environment ” and “ the development of its e-catalog offer ”. Workplace will be deployed to 249 000 employees of Carrefour and virtual reality will be used to train employees. Nine countries are concerned: France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Taiwan, Argentina and Brazil.

    Not a word on the other hand in Carrefour’s press release on respect for private life and / or the question of personal data, while Facebook is at the center of several cases on these subjects.

    This announcement was made within the framework of the Digital Day which was the occasion for the sign to present “ its digital strategy on the horizon 2025 as well as the associated value creation objectives ”. The company wishes “ to triple its GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) e-commerce in the future 2025, to reach 10 Billions of Euro’s. The Group also expects digital to contribute to 000 million euros additional to current operating income (COI) in 2026 compared to 2021 ”.

    Investments in “ digital ” will increase by 50 % Between 2022 and 2026, with a plan of 3 billion euros. Finally, Carrefour wants to achieve the “ carbon neutrality of its e-commerce activities by the horizon 2026 ”.

    Face aux menaces de sanctions européennes, Amazon en quête d’une transaction

    In November 2020, the Commission initiated proceedings against Amazon regarding the use of non-public data from independent sellers. It opened a second investigation into possible prohibited practices in electronic commerce.

    She blames the American giant for a “ possible preferential treatment “Of its offers and those of sellers in its marketplace” who use Amazon’s logistics and delivery services ”, thanks to these first-rate data.

    According to Reuters, Amazon is seeking a transaction to escape possible heavy penalties (up to 10% of worldwide turnover, i.e. 38, $ 6 billion). “ The conclusion of these talks can take months, without any assurance that the two parties will reach an agreement ” indicates the ‘agency.

    France Télévisions et Radio France annoncent l’arrivée d’« un grand média numérique de la vie locale »

    The comments made by Roselyne Bachelot before the Senate Culture Committee are detailed by the two public groups.

    France Télévisions and Radio France are aiming for a “ new major cooperation between public audiovisual companies ”for“ to offer all French people a public service anchored in the areas closest to local life “.

    The digital offer will be” composed of a site, mobile sites and an application “where will be accessible” all the daily productions of the two networks, through geographic entries (from ultra-local to regional) and by media ”. Content drained by the forty or so stations of France Bleu and the 20 antennas of France 3.

    The structure will be headed by an economic interest group (GIE). As the presidential election approaches, “ the two networks will offer joint specials to cover local political news “.

    Il y a 20 ans, le nom de domaine Framasoft.net était déposé

    The choice of a date anniversary for the association is not simple: “ Should we remember the date when the project was thought out? That of a first meeting? That of the first public communication? ”. Several dates were retained, including that of November 9 1981 for the registration of the domain name with Gandi. Two years later, it was the turn of .org.

    On this occasion, Framasoft gives the floor to Alexis Kauffmann, “ the person behind Framasoft (in 1981), and one of the co-founders of the association (end 2003, start 2004) ”. He stopped participating in Framasoft in 2012.

    It explains in particular how the name was found. He comes from an interdisciplinary project when he was a young professor with his colleague Caroline d’Atabekian: “” Framanet “(for FRAnçais and MAthèmes en IntraNET). And since it had to be given a title, I called it “Framasoft “. That’s all, it started like that, as the other would say. ”

    It is then the turn of Pouhiou and Pierre-Yves, co-directors de Framasoft, to review the history of the association. Finally, “ to consider the (difficult) exercise of projection at 000 years, we sought the opinion of the members of the association ”.

    • The 20 years of the domain “ Framasoft.net

    Voici la carte Amazon Business (Prime) American Express pour les TPE et PME

    It is obviously designed for professional regulations, with “ the possibility of choosing their advantage with each eligible purchase on Amazon.fr and Amazon Business France ”.

    Thus, the Amazon Business American Express card offers“ 0, 75% Amazon Rewards points on electronic purchases available on Amazon.fr and Amazon Business France, or 50 days of extended payment term on these purchases for all other holders ”.

    For Business Prime members, Amazon Rewards points increase to 1%, the deadline is extended to 90 days (always with the possibility of choosing one or the other). In addition, “ all Cardholders receive 0.5% Amazon Rewards points for all other expenses ” . More details are available on this page.

    On the occasion of the launch, the first year of membership is offered, with a gift voucher of 50 euros as a bonus. From the second year, the membership fee will be invoiced 49 euros per year.

    Firefox est disponible via le Microsoft Store

    Mozilla announces that it is the “ first major browser ” to be, which is simply a reminder that Google Chrome is not yet offered in this way. Indeed, Microsoft Edge is also available via the Store and its market share is now greater than that of Firefox. This arrival was expected.

      Double anniversaire des 40 ans : Apple en France et libération de la bande FM Download Firefox from the Microsoft Store

    How to Geek noted that for the moment this prevented setting the default browser simply, via the “ hack ”found for Windows 20. Mozilla replied that this was due to the fact that it is an MSIX package and recalls in passing that it defends an easy modification of the choice of the default browser.

    Note that this arrival in the Microsoft Store can also be exploited via winget:

    winget install Firefox -s msstore L’abonnement Twitter Blue débarque aux États-Unis et en Nouvelle-Zélande

    L’abonnement Twitter Blue débarque aux États-Unis et en Nouvelle-Zélande

    In June, the social network presented for the first time its paid subscription, which was then only available in Australia and Canada. It is now offered at 2, US dollars and 4, 49 New Zealand dollars. “ We’re giving subscribers even more features, more content and more ways to join the conversation ,” says company.

    It’s about reading ad-free news on iOS and desktop app, with magazines like The Washington Post, LA Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider and The Hollywood Reporter.

    This is just the start of ad-free articles, with a lot more content to come as we continue to partner, with more publishers, in more markets ”. “ A portion of the income from Twitter Blue subscriptions goes directly to the editors of our network “, adds the social network. This service was previously known as Scroll (ra bought by Twitter in May).

    It is then a question of Top Articles (what Nuzzle proposed) for “ display the most shared articles on their network during the last 20 time ”, customization options and functions already announced in Blue: Bookmark Folders, Undo Tweet and Reader Mode. Finally, the subscription gives you access to Blue Labs to test the new features in advance.

    The schedule for opening the subscription to the rest of the world is not specified.

    Binance : « 100 millions d'euros pour développer l'éco-système crypto européen »

    The selective platform fund is launched by the National Center for Cinema and animated image (CNC) in order to “ support the independent production of French audiovisual works pre-financed exclusively by non-European platforms ”.

    If since the entry into force of the Smad decree, these platforms have obligations to finance French creation, this fund endowed with 5 million euros of budget will allow “ works financed by the platforms and produced by French delegate producers to benefit from selective aid “.

    This experimental fund will be open until 24 April 2022 . A dedicated page is devoted to this device.

    Binance : « 100 millions d'euros pour développer l'éco-système crypto européen »

    Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, announced the launch of what he describes as the “ Objectif Lune “, in partnership with France FinTech.

    Aim of the operation: develop “ a research and development hub “, and a “ online education program to develop talents for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in France ”. For the second part, Ledger is a partner.

    For the founder of Binance, this investment should allow “ contribute significantly to making France and Europe the leading global player in the blockchain and crypto industry ”.

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