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House Freedom Caucus Calls on McCarthy To End Pelosi’s Reign

House freedom caucus on Friday called on GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to move to oust Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House speaker in a longest effort that reflects the partisan rancor simmering on Capitol Hill.

The far-right caucus sent McCarthy a letter Friday asking their leader to bring up a privileged motion on behalf of the GOP conference by July 13 “to vacate the chair and end Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian reign as speaker of the house.”

The caucus is fuming over Pelosi’s decision this week to remove republican Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, from the Jan 6 committee. They called her decision an abuse of power and “intolerable”.

House Freedom Caucus Calls on McCarthy To End Pelosi’s Reign
House Freedom Caucus Calls on McCarthy To End Pelosi’s Reign

Pelosi says Jan. 6 committee will proceed despite GOP Antics

“Speaker Pelosi’s tenure is destroying the house of representatives and our ability to faithfully represent the people we are here to serve,” the freedom Caucus members wrote to McCarthy.

McCarthy’s office did not immediately respond to fox News’ request for comment.

If McCarthy agrees to move on the Freedom Caucus’s demands, the effort has long odds given that Democrats control the house. A spokesperson for Pelosi also did not immediately offer comments to Fox news.

McCarthy picked five Republicans to sit on the newly formed Jan 6 select committee to investigate the attack on the capitol, but Pelosi rejected two of his choices – Banks and Jordan – citing their dismissive statement about the committee and the need to protect the integrity of the panel.

In the letter, the Freedom Caucus also cited other reasons why Pelosi should be removed, she has allowed remote, proxy voting by lawmakers due to the coronavirus pandemic, and she had metal detectors installed at the entrances to the house floor after the Jan 6 attack.

House Freedom Caucus Calls on McCarthy To End Pelosi’s Reign
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Democratic leaders discuss their legislative agenda, including voting rights, public health, and infrastructure, during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Friday, July 30, 2021. Hours before a nationwide eviction moratorium is set to expire, Pelosi is urging an extension in a longshot effort to prevent millions of Americans of being forced from their homes during a COVID-19 surge. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

“Speaker Pelosi’s tenure is destroying the House of representatives and our ability to faithfully represent the people we are here to serve,” the group wrote.

 but their main gripe was her decision this week to essentially veto two of McCarthy ‘s five GOP picks for the Jan. 6 Select committee: Reps. Jim Banks (R-Ind) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Both are diehard Trump loyalists and Jordan was the founding chairman of the Freedom Caucus. In response, a furious McCarthy said Republicans would boycott participating in the committee, which kicks off its first hearing Tuesday.

But freedom Caucus leaders, led by chairman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz), want McCarthy to get more aggressive with Pelosi and go further.

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“Less easily reversible” than proxy voting and metal detectors “is the damage done to the institution by the leadership of one party dictating the ability of members of the other party to serve in roles at the discretion of their conference,” The letter said. “That abuse cannot go unchecked.”

“Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to seat Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Jim banks on the select committee to investigate January 6 is intolerable. Republicans under your leadership must show the American people that will act to protect our ability to represent their interests.”

The plot by trump loyalists to oust Pelosi hues closely with a far-fetched, seven-point plan to reinstate Trump as president “In days, not years.” Cards outlining the strategy were made by a group called Patriots soar and distributed this month to people attending a conservative Political Action Conference gathering in Dallas.

The plan calls for ousting Pelosi, second in line to the presidency, from the speakership, installing Trump as a speaker, and impeaching president Biden and vice president Harris, allowing Trump to ascend to the presidency.

Nancy Pelosi’s plan to seek re-election extends one of San Fransisco’s longest-running, most fevered political Guessing games, Who will succeed the democrat when she finally does step aside?

The announcement Tuesday by the 81-year-old congresswoman was utterly predictable. Her decision augurs an election that will be thoroughly pro forma.

Pelosi will attract, as she always does, at least one candidate running to her left, who will insist- in true San Fransisco fashion- that she is not a real democrat. There will also be a republican opponent or two, who may raise many millions of dollars from Pelosi haters around the country acting more out of spite than good sense. And then, in just about nine months, she will be handily re-elected to congress for the 18th time.

Nob Hill may crumble, Alcatraz may tumble. But Pelosi, who hasn’t bothered running anything remotely resembling a campaign in decades, will not be turned out by her constituents so long as she draws a breath and stands for election.

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There was speculation she might step aside and not run again. But Pelosi knows better than anyone the power and influence not to mention prodigious fundraising capacity. That would diminish the moment she indicated the rest of the year would be spent marking time for her departure.

In an October 2018 interview, while campaigning in Florida ahead of the midterm election that returned her to the speakership, Pelosi allowed how she did not envision staying in office forever. (It was a signal to those impatient democrats in the house that their aspirations would not die aborning and helped her secure the votes she needed to retake the gravel.)

“I see myself as a transition figure,” Pelosi said at a downtown Miami bistro. “I have things to do. Books to write; places to go grandchildren, first and foremost, to love.”

House Freedom Caucus Calls on McCarthy To End Pelosi’s Reign

But she quickly added, she was not imposing a limit on her tenure. “Do you think I would make myself a lame duck right here over this double espresso?” Pelosi said with a raised eyebrow and a laugh.

She won’t of course, live forever, and for so many years there has been speculation and some quiet jockeying over who will eventually take Pelosi’s place.

To say her seat in congress is coveted is like suggesting there is a wee bit of interest in the city in a certain sporting event this weekend. (For those no football fans, the San Francisco 49ers will be playing the Rams in the NFC championship game for a ticket to the super bowl.

In nearly 60 years, just three people have served in the seta Pelosi holds now. Two of them Phil Burton and Pelosi account for all but a handful of those years. Burton’s widow, Sala, served about four years before, as she lay dying, She anointed Pelosi as her chosen replacement.

So succeeding Pelosi could be the closest thing to a lifetime appointment any San Francisco politician will ever enjoy. Ans given all the pent-up ambition, there is no shortage of prospective candidates. One of the strongest contenders is state Sen. Scott Wiener, 51, who has built an impressive record in Sacramento in a district that roughly Approximates the current congressional boundaries.

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Another prospect is Christine Pelosi, 55, the most politically visible of the speaker’s five children and a longtime activist in Democratic campaigns and causes. If she ran, to What length if any would the speaker go in hopes of handling off the seat to her daughter?

Republicans seem exceedingly likely to win control of the house in November. It seems exceedingly unlikely that Pelosi would happily settle into the role of minority leader, much less fall back as a workday member of a shrunken, enfeebled Democratic Caucus.


Most Voters want Pelosi to leave leadership, but the Bulk of Democrats still back her 

  • Roughly half of the Democratic voters (49 percent) said Pelosi should remain House Democrats’ leader, according to the latest morning consult/Politico poll. The figure is slightly less than the share of Democratic voters who said the same in a December 2020 Morning Consult/ Politico poll that Pelosi should get another term as House speaker.
  • A third of Democrats said Pelosi should step aside, including identical shares of the party’s male and female voters. But Democrats men are 10 percentage points more likely than democratic women to say the country’s first female speaker should remain atop the democratic caucus, 55 percent to 44 percent.
  • Among the overall electorate, 3 in 5 voters say Pelosi should descend from her perch, including 63 percent of independents and 87 percent of republicans.
  • When Pelosi announced her plans to run for re-election a spokesman for the National republican congressional committee warned that vulnerable democrats would be tied to the “ the most unpopular politician in the country,”
  • Harking back to the party’s successful “Fire Pelosi” campaign from the 2010 midterm elections.
  • Pelosi, who is been the target of years of negative republican messaging and spending nationwide, is much better known and indeed less popular than any other congressional leader- also true when democrats won back the house in 201. But midterms are largely about the occupant of the white house rather than any person in the leadership on Capitol Hill, meaning President Joe Biden’s diminished standing is likely far more relevant than Pelosi’s unpopularity.

Why Pelosi may not matter 

  • The majority of voters (57 percent) hold unfavorable views of Pelosi, while a third view her favorably. It makes her more disliked among the overall electorate than Biden (52 percent) and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York (43 percent), though her unpopularity virtually matches the 56 percent who see Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in dim light.
  • Congressional Democrats’ trust advantage over their Republican counterparts on a range of issues tracks closely with Biden’s job approval rating. As sentiment about Biden further declined last month, an average of surveys conducted at that time found Democrats have surrounded their average edge in trust.
  • On average in January, 43 percent of voters said they would support a Democratic candidate in the midterm elections, while 42 percent said they would vote for a republican. It is similar to the Democrat’s standing on the questions over the past two months.

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