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Cyber ​​espionage: Nexa (ex-Amesys) also tried to circumvent the UN embargo

The company, whose directors had already been indicted for “ complicity in acts of torture ” for having sold a mass surveillance system of the Internet to Gaddafi as well as, in October, to the Egyptian general al Sisi, sold another system of surveillance of communications to the Libyan National Army of Marshal Haftar, reveals Liberation.

The acquired system by Haftar, “ alpha max “, allows you to listen to all telephone calls in an area, the size of which depends on the antenna. “ A staggering discovery: not only was the small French company preparing to supply a non-state actor and not recognized by the international community with cutting-edge surveillance equipment, but in order to do so it had to bypass the embargo established in 2011 by the United Nations Security Council.

The facts may constitute the offense of criminal conspiracy to commit torture or acts of barbarism ”, Say the investigators in a summary report of which Liberation was aware.

Surprisingly to say the least, the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat), responsible for criminal cases of war and crimes against humanity, has decided not to open an investigation into these new facts, nor to extend the investigations to this new contract with Marshal Haftar.

He is content to ask to continue the investigations within the existing procedural framework, and to prosecute for customs offenses, otherwise less serious than “ the agreement with a view to commit crimes of torture ”.

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