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Cloud: Nua.ge promises to correct flaws in its IaaS

Shortly after our test of its solution (and others), the service published a thread on Twitter to “ give a little technical update by centralizing a few – some of our answers “.

It indicates that it has corrected the first bugs, such as the speed of certain VMs which was too low” due to a hardware offloading bug “, the reverse DNS record which was not consistent, or long VMs to create” due to a bad loop in house code ”.

Others still need to be fixed, such as the loss of connection of some instances or the provisioning concern SSH key which requires waiting a few minutes or restarting the VM as we indicated during our test. “ Regarding technical information and details, we have had a lot of perfectly legitimate requests on this subject. A dedicated page is coming soon to our website “, specifies the team.

She adds that she is waiting” again a little to let you know about our next projects We have read and listened very carefully to your requests for changes. Several trends are already emerging ”.

Nothing has been said on the other hand concerning the criticisms on the subject of the processing of personal data, or the DNS at Cloudflare by default (only on CentOS and Debian VMs according to our findings). For our part, we still have not received a response from Oxeva’s DPO on the operation of its consent module.

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