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Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?

Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?

As long as former President Trump continues to express interest in running for president again in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has established himself as a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination. Neither DeSantis nor Trump has made any public statements on their intentions to run for president in 2020.  According to reports, both of these prominent Republicans are giving it a lot of thought. To the best of my knowledge, both of them have refuted the notion that they do not get along with one another at all.

What are the general public’s thoughts on the matter?

According to the results of recent surveys, it seems that any contender might take the nomination. While it seems that Trump would choose DeSantis as his running mate if he decided to seek re-election, recent polls around the country suggest that Trump maintains a significant lead over DeSantis. On Saturday, those who attended the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado participated in a straw poll conducted during the event.

 Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?



A recent poll found that Floridians preferred Rick Scott with 71.01 percent. Trump finished in second place with 67.68 percent of the vote, edging Clinton by a very slim margin. More than a hundred percent of those who participated in the poll went through the acceptance voting procedure and picked more than one choice. Recent polling indicates that most Nevada voters have their sights set on DeSantis rather than Trump.  Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?

Respondents were instructed that the University would ask them of Nevada–Reno to assess politicians on a scale ranging from zero to one hundred and include names such as Trump, DeSantis, Biden, and Harris. Both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis earned a score of 42.

The score of 69 that Florida’s governor received among conservatives was lower than Trump’s score of 73, but the score that he received among independents was far higher.

The Harvard/Harris poll found that 35% of respondents picked DeSantis as their candidate of choice, with Pence coming in second place and all other candidates obtaining less than 10% of the vote. These results are identical to those found in this Echelon Insights poll.

Political presence of DeSantis

As a Trump supporter and Tea Party conservative, DeSantis is well regarded. Conservative Republicans in the United States’ Tea Party movement were known for their economic conservatism. The movement advocated lower taxes and less government expenditure to reduce the national debt and the federal budget deficit. Support for limited government and opposition to government-sponsored universal healthcare were among the movement’s core beliefs. Libertarian, right-wing populist, and conservative activities combine to form the Tea Party movement, which has become a popular constitutional movement.

 Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?

Political Journey of DeSantis

After announcing his intention to run in 2012 for Florida’s 6th congressional district, DeSantis has never looked back. At 39 percent of all votes cast, DeSantis beat state representative Fred Costello for the Republican nomination for Florida’s governor. DeSantis won all four counties in which he ran against the Democratic opponent, Heather Beaven, with a 57-to-43 percent margin of victory.

It was stated on February 2, 2021, that DeSantis supported legislation aimed at reining in Big Tech and preventing what some see as state censorship. In addition, he said that he was in favor of a variety of limits on electoral legislation. Can Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in 2024 presidential elections?

With Gov. Ron DeSantis gaining and expanding his authority, Florida has seen a dramatic shift over the last two years. Because of this, Governor Rick Perry’s popularity with the Republican Party’s Fox News viewers has elevated him to the status of a potential presidential candidate. He took advantage of dissatisfaction with coronavirus pandemic measures in 2020, assuming that economic success and personal rights would mean more to electors than safeguarding public health in the long term.

Although COVID-19 has claimed the lives of over 73,000 Floridians, public opinion surveys suggest that Governor DeSantis and many of his initiatives are still extremely popular.

While his fans shower him with love, Mr. DeSantis performs almost daily at open rallies wherein he attacks President Biden. He wields so much influence over the Republican Party in Florida that a contender for the agriculture department resigned when the governor sided with his rival on Twitter.

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