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1.3 million files related to the Charlie Hebdo and Samuel Paty cases for sale on the darkweb

A French law firm specializing in victim assistance was itself the victim of a cyberattack by ransomware last June, Swiss radio and television (RTS) learned, allowing the theft of 820 gigabytes of data, particularly in connection with the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the murder of teacher Samuel Paty.

The pirates, named Everest Ransom Team , have put up for sale 21 370 files (21 GB) related to Charlie Weekly for 50 000 dollars, and all 1.3 million documents also concerning other matters for 100 000 dollars. On the other hand, the files linked to Samuel Paty are not monetized. ‘phone tapping with the names and phone numbers of the people tapped. It also includes the surnames, first names and, sometimes, the contact details of the investigators, magistrates or police officers involved.

These documents reveal how the French anti-terrorist police work. What software it works with. We also learn which potentially dangerous organizations are under surveillance “, underlines the RTS.

A complaint for blackmail and fraudulent access to an automated data processing system has been filed on 11 last June. The investigation is being carried out by the National Police’s Digital Operational Investigation Laboratory.

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