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William Barr says he will vote for Trump but there’s a catch

On May 23, 1950, William Pelham Barr, popularly known as William Barr, was born. He is an American lawyer who served as the 77th and 85th Attorney General of the United States during the administrations of Presidents George H. W. Bush and Donald Trump, respectively.

Barr worked with the Central Intelligence Agency from 1973 to 1977. He subsequently worked as a legal clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Judge Malcolm Richard Wilkey. 

Barr worked for the law firm Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge in the 1980s, including a year in the Ronald Reagan White House dealing with legal policy.

Barr served a variety of positions within the Department of Justice before becoming Attorney General in 1991, including managing the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and serving as Deputy Attorney General.

William Barr Trump

Barr worked as a corporate lawyer for GTE and its successor firm, Verizon Communications, from 1994 until 2008, making him a multimillionaire. Barr sat on Time Warner’s board of directors from 2009 until 2018.

Barr has long advocated for the unitary executive doctrine, which holds that the president has practically unrestricted control over the executive arm of the United States government.

Barr, as the chairman of the OLC, supported the US invasion of Panama in 1989 to apprehend Manuel Noriega. Barr, as deputy attorney general, ordered an FBI operation that rescued hostages at the Talladega federal prison in 1991.

Political Views and Ideologies

Barr, a lifetime Republican, believes in broad presidential powers and “law and order” policies. At the time of his confirmation, Barr was considered an establishment Republican, but during his second term as Attorney General, he earned a reputation as someone who was committed to Trump and his objectives.

WIlliam Barr Trump

His attempts to politically assist the current president during his term as Attorney General were seen as the most intense since those of another law-and-order Attorney General, John N. Mitchell. Barr believes that the death penalty lowers crime. He argued for a Bush-backed law that would have broadened the sorts of crimes that might be punished by death.

Barr stated in a 1991 op-ed in The New York Times that the rights of death row convicts to contest their convictions should be curtailed in order to avoid cases dragging on for years: “The criminal justice system suffers as a result of this lack of finality. It erodes the deterrent impact of state criminal laws, depletes state prosecution resources, and reopens the wounds of victims and survivors on a regular basis.”

William Barr Trump

After nearly two decades without an execution, Barr said on July 25, 2019, that the United States federal government will restart the practice of death punishment under his supervision.

Barr directed the Department of Justice to implement a new lethal injection technique based on a single substance (pentobarbital), as well as to schedule execution dates for five detainees in December 2019 and January 2020.

Daniel Lewis Lee became the first death row convict killed by the federal government in 2003 on July 14, 2020. The Trump administration killed twelve additional people. In the previous 120 years, no administration has presided over as many executions. Barr is said to have played a crucial part in the administration’s execution rampage.

‘Trump is a bull in a bull ring”

The news that has recently been making the rounds needs a bit more context to understand than what is given in most articles.

Barr believes that Trump is a “Bull” and that he is least fit to run the country, but he will vote for him if he runs in the 2024 elections. You see, Barr is a conservative and supports the right, however, he rejects Trump’s way of ruling for some reason.

William Barr

What he means to say is that Trump is almost a proxy for his overwhelming support of conservatism. When he votes for Trump, he is not voting for Trump specifically, but instead, for conservatism. He thinks that Trump is not a fitting president but is willing to vote for him because he supports the right and conservatism.

Despite all of the critiques he has for Trump, he is willing to vote for him because he will always go for the Republican Nominee. “It’s inconceivable to me that I wouldn’t vote for the Republican nominee,” Barr said.

“Elections are binary choice, and unfortunately sometimes it’s choosing the lesser of two evils.” Immaculately minced words, eh?

Trump 2024

In his most recent book, he describes Trump as being “Dangerously unfit” for the role of President. Next, a brilliant turn of events unfolded, Barr said, ‘‘You know, Mr. President, you’re like a bull in a bull ring and your adversaries have your number.

They know how to get under your skin, and all they have to do is wave a red flag over here and you go charging and attack it.’’

Trump rains hellfire on Barr in response to his “bull” jibe

Trump responded in bursting anger, playing right into the “Bull” comparison made earlier by Barr. Trump responded like a bull in a ring, “Bill Barr cares more about the corrupt Washington media and elite than serving the American people,” Trump wrote, as reported by Axios. He was slow, lethargic, and I realized early on that he never had what it takes to make a great attorney general. When the radical left Democrats threatened to hold him in contempt and even worse, impeach him, he became virtually worthless for law and order and election integrity. They broke him just like a trainer breaks a horse.

One Damn Thing After Another

Trump also said, “I would imagine that if the book is anything like him, it will be long, slow and very boring.

The name of the book in which Barr said all of this is, One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General. It is by no means slow or boring, as I have read the preview pages of the book and loved it. The critics and the reviews say the same thing, as 52% of its readers on Amazon, give it a 5-star rating.

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