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Twitch confirms data breach whose scale remains to be measured

Yesterday, several Internet users mentioned the publication of an archive containing the source code of the streaming platform, but also internal documents on a future home Steam (Vapor project) or members’ income. Some have also confirmed the amounts, which can reach several million dollars over the last two years. The peeling and the first sociological analyzes therefore begin.

The attack has been claimed on 4chan, even if it is for the moment difficult to ascertain the origin of this leak. Twitch has reacted quite weakly. “ We can confirm that a violation has occurred. Our teams are actively working to understand the scale of the situation. We will keep you informed as soon as we have additional information. Thank you for your understanding , ”she said late in the afternoon yesterday. A blog post will be kept up to date.

Hopefully she will say more quickly, so that we can know the true extent of the damage. Although this was not seen in the archive or confirmed by Twitch, for example, some mention the leak of password fingerprints, prompting users to change them, causing delays in receiving text messages from confirmation.

In all cases, we can only encourage you to strengthen the security of your Twitch account, such as those of the different platforms you use, in particular with multi-factor authentication or security key for example.