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Truth: Mastodon issues an ultimatum to Donald Trump's social network

Banned from Twitter and Facebook (among other social networks), the former President of the United States has launched his own platform: Truth. The source code contains traces of Mastodon and the design of some pages leaves no doubt to Eugen Rochko (creator and main developer of Mastodon).

Reusing his code is not a problem since it is under AGPLv3 license, but it is then also necessary to publish its source code as well as all the modifications made, as Mastodon reminds us.

This is not the case with Truth and, even worse, it is specified in the terms of use that “ all source code ”Is“ owned or controlled ”by Trump Media & Technology Group. Mastodon decided to react and, as of 26 October, he “ sent an official letter to the legal director of Truth Social, asking that the source code be made public. according to the license “.

According to the AGPLv3 license, after being notified by the copyright holder, Truth Social has 30 days to comply or the license may be revoked permanently ”.

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