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Support for the French cloud: the government puts 667 million euros on the table

New step in the deployment of the state cloud strategy, the announcement of the “ industrial plan to support the French cloud sector , last pillar ”with the key to financial support for many projects and objectives between now and 2025. But like the rest of the shot, it didn’t really go smoothly.

The 17 last May, the government unveiled its national cloud strategy with three pillars. The first was the trusted Cloud label, built as a complement to the SecNumCloud qualification to offer “ a double level of security – legal and technical – to French companies and administrations

Towards a trusted cloud (or not)

Since then, it has mainly been about the heart of this announcement: the possibility of hosting sensitive data on licensed foreign solutions, as long as they comply with certain rules. We now know the content, at least in their initial version which is currently the subject of a public call for comment from ANSSI.

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Orange and Thales, former allies of the sovereign cloud of 2012, this time left each on their own. The first with Capgemini and Microsoft to create Bleu. The second with Google. We do not know whether or not Capgemini will remain the exclusive provider of Ugap for the provision of cloud services to administrations.

On the government side, the choice was assumed: “ Some of the most efficient Cloud services in the world are published by foreign companies, especially American ones. This is why the trusted Cloud label will allow new combinations such as the creation of companies combining European shareholding and foreign technologies under license. This policy thus responds to a clear need: to provide access to the best level of service while guaranteeing a high level of security ”. Enough to ignite the sector in recent months.

From the positions taken in the forums extolling the need for sovereignty and support for this sector in the face of large platforms, everything has been said. We will come back to this in more detail in our third magazine, which is currently being funded. But the government is holding its line for the moment.

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It is however aware of the stake, mainly due to the many errors of the past which seem destined to reproduce, albeit in a different form. In its announcement of the day, it is recalled that “ France, with a cloud market of more than 10 billion euros , is third largest European market, after the United Kingdom and Germany. Although the leaders of the market are American, France has several important players positioned on infrastructure and platform offers “.

Thus, where Amazon, Google and Microsoft occupy the first 3 places on other European national markets, OVHcloud with 10% of the French market is third and Orange fourth, relaying Google in the fifth place. Only 35% of large French groups use supplier services French cloud “. All the more reason to prevent them from strengthening their positions, aided by government decisions.

Who wants to make millions?

Cédric O is counting on his two other “pillars” to reassure the sector. The first (Cloud in the center) consists in making recourse to the cloud a reflex in the administrations. But there too, many fear to see a good part recovered by the American giants through the offers “sovereignized” by the mechanics of the licenses. The last is a distribution of French and European funding, which remained to be detailed.

This is what was discussed at the conference organized today by Cédric O, from the Parisian offices. from OVHcloud, freshly floated on the stock market. An announcement that could have been made from Scaleway, who says he refused. But representatives of the Iliad branch were present to listen to the Secretary of State. Same thing for 3DS Outscale, which released this weekend criticizing the lack of neutrality of the place.

But more concretely, what was put on the table ?

“The amount is the Government’s KPI”

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