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Scaleway fixed a bug in VNC access to its M1 Macs

In a blog post (in English only), the host mentions its Apple machine rental solution which has recently encountered a remote access problem. It was considered too slow.

The network was not the cause, other remote access solutions did not pose any problem, just the VNC managed natively via macOS. It was a traffic analysis that made it possible to identify the problem and find the solution.

In reality, attackers specifically targeted these machines, trying to access them in “ brute force ” mode. After initial tests confirming the situation, it was decided to set up automatic IP blocking and packet filtering.

Everything is stored in memory, so that if the user finds himself blocked due to a mistake, he just has to restart the machine via his console to try to reconnect.

New features are mentioned for Scaleway’s M1 offer in 2022, but without further details for the moment.