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Meta (Facebook): end-to-end encryption finally postponed to 2023

If WhatsApp has offered E2E encryption for several years, this is not the case by default for other services of the Net giant (starting with Messenger). Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Mark Zuckerberg announced that all services would switch to end-to-end encryption.

While the toggle was expected for 2022, it will ultimately not arrive before 2023 (without further details) in order to “ get it right ” Antigone Davis, Meta’s security manager, tells the Telegraph.

TechChrunch adds that this “ delay is the result of the social media giant wanting to take their time to make sure they can safely implement the technology – in the sense of ” be able to maintain the ability to pass information to law enforcement to assist in child safety investigations

Facebook is caught between two lights. On the one hand, users who have less and less confidence in the face of numerous scandals and revelations, on the other the States. In the United Kingdom, for example, Home Secretary Priti Patel warned that Meta’s switch to E2E encryption should “ not hinder child protection ” .

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