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#LeBrief: YouTube counter change, Apple Business Essentials, Open RAN lab in France

Apple va devoir sans délai changer le modèle commercial de son App Store

An American federal judge has just ordered the manufacturer of iPhones to apply without delay a court decision of September, which opposes it to the video game publisher Epic Games and against which he appealed, reports AFP.

In the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, the judge had the 10 September, imposed on Apple to leave more freedoms to publishers, allowing them in particular to bypass the commission levied by the technology giant. Apple had argued that it needed more time, beyond the required date of December 9, to reconfigure its system which prohibits developers from offering any means of payment other than that of the App Store for their applications.

This is going to be the first time that Apple will allow live links in an app for digital content. It will take months to understand the technical, economic, commercial and other issues , ”Apple lawyer Mark Perry said. “ It’s extremely complicated “, he pleaded.

The group reacted to the decision, saying, according to a spokesperson, that “ no further business changes should go into effect until all appeals in this case be resolved ”. Apple intends to appeal on this delay issue.

YouTube cache le décompte des « je n’aime pas », le bouton reste en place

In a short blog post, the streaming platform recalls having carried out experiments throughout the year on the subject. The aim was to try and limit the harassment or “ attacks ” when a group of people made sure to increase the red number of inches.

The decision was made to leave the “I don’t like” button in place, but to delete the count. Only the creator will be able to continue to see it in his dashboard. This change has gradually started to unfold this week.

We know that you may not agree with this decision, but we think it is ‘is the right thing to do for the platform , ”YouTube adds.

Europe numérique : la Commission prévoit d’investir 2 milliards d’euros

In order to “ advance ” the digital transition, the institution has adopted three job. This is a first step “ to achieve the objectives of the Commission to materialize the digital decade of Europe ” .

The main work program, with an envelope of 1, 38 billion euros, will focus on investments in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and data spaces, quantum communication infrastructures, advanced digital skills and enlargement the use of digital technologies throughout the economy and society, until the end of 2021 ”.

Two other programs are therefore planned. One of them, with a budget of 200 million euros until the end of 2021, “ is focused on funding projects in the field of cybersecurity ”. The other “ concerns the creation and operation of the network of European digital innovation hubs and its budget amounts to 329 million euros until the end of 2023 ”.

Finally, “ the first calls under the Digital Europe program will be published by the end of November and others will follow in 2022 ”, explains the European Commission.

Open RAN : Orange ouvre un laboratoire en France sur « la prochaine grande évolution du RAN 5G » Credits : nadla / iStock

At the start of the year, several operators – Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone Groupe – committed to deploying the Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN).

Orange recalls that “ traditional radio access networks (RANs) consist of hardware and software integrated by a single supplier and have software and hardware interfaces operating in a proprietary system firm “. As its name suggests, the Open RAN technology “ allows these networks to be opened to different suppliers and equipment manufacturers “. It is still in the course of specification and development today.

In order to advance its development, the French historical operator has inaugurated a “ Open RAN integration center ”in its Orange Gardens premises in Châtillon (92).

It will be accessible to equipment suppliers in the Open RAN ecosystem, start-ups and system integrators, wishing to test the correct operation and ‘interoperability of their components with those of other suppliers. The Open RAN network will also be accessible remotely ”. Several partners are already known, including Dell, Intel, Samsung and Nokia.

If it is the first laboratory of its kind in France, it is the 4th in Europe. It received the OTIC (Open Testing and Integation Center) label from the O-RAN Alliance, of which Orange is one of the founding members.

Satellite Quantum : les tests sont terminés, place à la science

This feature is currently only available “ for customers in the United States using iOS mobile devices ”.

To take advantage, just click on the “Share a clip” button from his iPhone. The app will automatically generate a video of s of what you just saw. It then lets you watch and adjust the clip as needed, then share it.

This feature is available for The Boys, The Wilds, Invincible and Fairfax. Other Amazon Original series will follow.

    The particularity of this satellite is that it is “ fully reconfigurable by software ” when is in orbit thanks to an active antenna “ revolutionary “.

    It was launched this summer aboard an Ariane 5 rocket. Since then, it has undergone a whole series of tests (like any satellite). “ Its performance has been verified and its ground operations validated “.

    Now, “ Flexible Software Defined Satellite is now ready to enter commercial service and will provide data and communications mobile devices to governments and other users through its France-based operator, Eutelsat , ”says the European Space Agency.

    • Quantum code: the satellite “ fully reconfigurable by software ”is in orbit

Facebook veut modifier le processus de recommandation de son Conseil de surveillance

Announced a little over two years ago, this “ supreme court ”house has been in operation for a year. He made his first findings in February this year and spoke out on Donald Trump’s ban in May.

In a report on the relationship between Facebook and his Supervisory Board, the social network indicates “ working with the Board and its internal teams to explore other ways to potentially improve the recommendation process ”, as Engadget reports. How? ‘Or’ What ? When? This is not specified…

The report simply states that “ the majority of recommendations require more than a dozen people to assess the feasibility, which we cannot easily finish by 22 days “. A representative of the Council specifies to our colleagues: “ we have made more than 50 recommendations to Meta ”. While in most cases the work seems committed, “ there is still a lot of work to be done ” he adds.

We are closely monitoring how the company responds to our recommendations and will continue to report publicly on how which we consider the progress of Meta in their implementation ”, he finally slips.

Crew-3 : décollage réussi, les quatre astronautes sont dans la Station spatiale internationale

Unusual organization, the Crew-2 mission (at which Thomas Pesquet participated) had already left the Station before the arrival of Crew-3. The first have returned safely to dry land, the others are now in the ISS.

Astronaut Matthias Maurer of the European Space Agency (Cosmic mission Kiss) and his colleagues Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron of NASA took a trip of 19 h in space aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule called Endurance.

  • Review the launch of Crew-3

    Apple lance Business Essentials en bêta aux États-Unis

    As the name suggests, this service is aimed at small businesses (up to 329 employees). It “ combines the management, assistance and storage of devices in a single subscription “, can we read in the press release .

    With the “ Collections “, IT managers can ” configure settings and applications for individual users, groups or devices ”. User Enrollment allows you to create “ a cryptographic separation ” between employee data and company data. A presentation video has been uploaded.

    The service is free during the beta phase which is expected to last until spring. The prices will then start at 2, 92 dollars per month per user with one machine and 50 GB of iCloud storage. We go to 6, 98 dollars for a user with up to three devices and 200 Go, then to 12, 99 dollars to increase the storage to 2TB.

    Le nouveau PDG de NSO démissionne 12 jours seulement après sa nomination Credits: AndreyPopov / iStock / Thinkstock

    Only twelve days after taking office, Isaac Benbenisti resigned from his post as CEO of NSO, reveals the daily Haaretz, quoted by Le Monde.

    Four days after his appointment, the US Department of Commerce had blacklisted NSO (and its competitor Candiru) of companies “ subject to severe restrictions on ‘exports and imports, a list on which appear mainly companies from countries that are enemies of the United States, sellers of weapons or pirating tools ”, specifies Le Monde.

    The American administration justified it by the existence of “ evidence “showing that users of its Pegasus spyware” maliciously targeted government officials, journalists, businessmen, activists, academics and embassy workers ”.

    Two days later, a report from the Front Line Defenders organization, based on technical analyzes conducted by the renowned Citizen Labs laboratory at the University of Toronto , specializing in spyware analysis, revealed that the devices of several Palestinian human rights activists had been infected with Pegasus between July 2018 and April 2020.

    A veteran of the Israeli new technology industry, Benbenisti was appointed vice president of the company three months ago. Le Monde also notes that the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) made public on Wednesday 000 November, its deliberation of 19 October concerning the collaboration of Gérard Araud, who was French Ambassador to the United States, with NSO Group.

    The HATVP reproaches him for not having requested authorization before accepting NSO Group’s offer, as normally provided for in the procedure for former senior officials.

    Deux failles 0-Day corrigées par Microsoft

    The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom allows Google to appeal the trial verdict accusing him of deliberately creating a workaround to be able to track iOS Safari users without their consent of 600 To 2012, in violation of UK law, AppleInsider reports.

    The UK Supreme Court has indeed ruled that it could not authorize an American-style class action lawsuit against the search giant, says Engadget.

    The plaintiffs – led by consumer rights champion Richard Lloyd – have allegedly failed to establish that material damage was caused by Google’s workaround.

    David Barker of Pinsent Masons – the company Google hired to fight the case – believes the ruling confirms the idea that compensation can only be claimed if actual harm was caused, and Google’s aggregation of personal data was insufficient to cause actual harm or mental distress.

    Alexa : 4,5 milliards d’interactions en France pour l’IA d’Amazon

    In its November tuesday patch, Microsoft has fixed a slew of various flaws on all of its products. In the lot, two breaches had not been publicly identified, but they were exploited (they are therefore 0-Day faults).

    The first, CVE- 2021 – 42321 Enables “ remote code execution in Microsoft Exchange Server ”, while the second, CVE – 2021 – 42292, concerns the “ bypass the security functionality in Microsoft Excel ”.

    As always, it is more than recommended to install the updates day if not done yet.

    Alexa : 4,5 milliards d’interactions en France pour l’IA d’Amazon

    Amazon celebrates the seventh anniversary of its artificial intelligence, available within Echo products (among others). She arrived much later in France, in June 2018. In order to kill two birds with one stone, the giant arranges a little with the dates and celebrates the third anniversary of its AI five months late.

    C ‘is especially the occasion to announce some figures: “ 4.5 billion interactions, 300 millions of hours of music listened to, 12, 5 million calls ”in France, in just over three years.

    Growth is significant with 50% per year: “ Only on 11 in the last few months, 2.4 billion interactions have been carried out between French users and Alexa ”. Still according to Amazon, “ French Alexa users have said ‘Je t’aime’ to Alexa 4.5 million times in the last year alone ”.

    Collapse, the company claims“ 181 million hours of music “, 140 millions of timers or alarms, 39, 5 million weather forecasts, 10 millions of requests on the news… all this over one year. At last, “ 140 000 devices around the world are compatible with Alexa There are more than 3 300 Skills (voice applications for Alexa) available in France today of which more than 600 linked to the connected home ”.

    Chance or not of the calendar, this announcement comes when Black Friday is fast approaching and Amazon has already launched its offers “ before the hour “, in particular with two Echo Dot (3rd generation) at 38, 98 euros.

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