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“It’s hot as a pistol” -President Trump on Truth Social’s success and popularity

President Donald Trump appeared on Lou Dobbs’ podcast The Great America Show to discuss his endorsement record and his social media venture, Truth Social. “Texas is 33 and 0 and I’m not pretty sure I heard a single story about it…” Trump made the remark, alluding to his effective endorsement record in Texas and the legacy media’s failure to report on his candidates’ victories.

“We had immense victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania – I consider he’s going to pull it out,” Trump said of Dr Mehmet Oz, Trump’s endorsed candidate for Pennsylvania Senate. In light of the close race between Oz and his GOP opponent, David McCormick, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State announced on Wednesday that the primary Senate race would be recounted.

“I think it’s hot as a pistol” -says Trump about Truth Social

Truth Social's web browser version launched ahead of its May 31st deadline
Truth Social’s web browser version launched ahead of its May 31st deadline

“The mainstream media wouldn’t want to talk well about victories,” Trump continued. He said that he found it “difficult to believe” that several people in the corporate world were as “left” as they appear, implying that too many corporate talking heads are actually more conservative than they appear. “I know a lot of people in the business world who aren’t radical left… I believe people scare them into leaving.” Trump talked about the massive success of Truth Social, his new social media network. He joked, “I think it’s hot as a pistol.” “…I believe it is preferable to Twitter, which is riddled with bots and fake accounts.”

“They took away our voice, so we have a voice” –Trump

Truth Social takes a stand against Big Tech's Cancel Culture
Truth Social takes a stand against Big Tech’s Cancel Culture

Truth Social launched a web-based app last week, bringing the platform to millions of new users. President Trump went on to say that Truth Social gives Americans a voice. “They took away our voice, so we have a voice,” he explained. “It’s very dishonest.” The 45th president also offered some encouraging words to beleaguered Americans who really are fed up with rising food and gas prices, as well as the increasing disagreement in Eastern Europe as a result of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. “We have to prioritise our country,” he said.

Donald Trump has resurfaced on social media

Truth Social

Truth Social is therefore no longer restricted to an iOS-only app. Truth Social, Trump’s alternative social network, sent out a notification to its current iOS app users on Friday notifying them that a web version of the platform is now accessible. Users who go to the Truth Social website will now be able to log in, post to their feed, as well as view content posted by other Truth Social users. Visitors of the Truth Social webpage were previously only shown a landing page urging them to download the iOS app. The web app, like Truth Social’s iOS app, looks and acts like a mobile app.

The launch of a web application is a significant leap in Trump’s stand against Big Tech

Truth Social web home page
Truth Social web home page

When a user is logged in, the Truth Social web app stream looks like this.

Previously, Truth Social was only available on Apple iOS devices. Yes, the iPhone does have an influence in determining the smartphone market. However, about half of all mobile users use a device that isn’t an iPhone or iPad. Anybody with internet access can now sign up for Donald Trump’s social media site and create an account.

Donald Trump's 'TRUTH' Social Media Platform
Donald Trump’s ‘TRUTH’ Social Media Platform

Android users, on the other hand, still need to wait for a Truth Social app tailored for their device. According to reports, Trump has privately complained that Google is attempting to “f**k” him. Nonetheless, the launch of a web application is significant. Profiles and posts on Truth Social will now be fully shareable across all platforms. If you really want to share a Truth Social post on some other platform using the iPhone app, you must take a screenshot. Users of Truth Social will now be able to post direct links to any account or post. Non-Truth Social users will also have immediate access to sign up for the site and engage with its content. (Please note that internal Truth Social links actually require users to log in to view the content.) Trump’s supporters will find it much easier to share his material on other platforms.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have a time quite like this” -Trump

Truth Social struggled in its early months after launching in February. Due to a long waitlist of users who wanted to sign up, download speeds plummeted after the initial rush. However, Trump has recently begun trying to post on his own platform, which has given the conservative social network a new lease on life.

Last week, Truth Social declared a public beta of the web app. According to a press release issued on Wednesday, the beginning web app launch would take place within the next week or two. However, at least in terms of the web app, the social media platform delivered ahead of schedule.

Truth Social

There’s no word on when Truth Social will release an Android app, allowing Trump to stop whining about Google. This Lou Dobbs podcast is known as “a podcast for all lovers of America,” according to its official website. Former President Donald Trump’s supporter Lou Dobbs is well-known. “Well, I don’t think we’ll ever have a time quite like this,” Trump began. “I don’t believe our country has ever felt or been so low, and I don’t believe there’s ever been such an embarrassment as what we are experiencing right now.”

About Lou Dobbs

Louis Carl Dobbs is a former television news anchor, political commentator, and writer who hosted Lou Dobbs Tonight from 2003 to 2009 and again from 2011 to 2021. Since 2021, he has hosted The Great America Show on iHeartRadio and loudobbs.com. Dobbs’ coverage of Trump’s administration was mostly positive, prompting some sites to call it sycophantic and fawning.

Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs

In a November 2017 meeting with Trump, Dobbs said, “You have accomplished so much,” later adding that Trump was “among the most loved and respected presidents in history.” Dobbs described the interview as a “courtier-like session” in the New York Times. He was said to raise his voice and let rose petals fall out rather than asking questions. Dobbs was one of the people who claimed that Antifa members were implicated in the January 2021 takeover of the US Capitol by Trump supporters.





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