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Donald Trump lost to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp- and Trump’s Kingmaker status still remains unchallenged

Governor Brian Kemp defeated Trump-backed candidate David Perdue in the Primary elections and emerged victorious. Still, the totality of Tuesday’s contests emphasized the sustained power of Trumpism in Republican politics 18 months after he was voted out of office. Trump’s endorsed candidates have won in several primaries thus showing the influence Trump still has on the elections.

Kemp won against Perdue with 70% more votes. Trump-backed candidate David Perdue has expressed his opinions on how he is in support of Kemp against Stacey Adams. “I want you to know tonight that I am fully supporting Brian Kemp in his run to beat Stacey Abrams. It’s emotional for all of us, we’re disappointed, I get that. Let’s take a few hours, lick our wounds, and tomorrow morning, you’re going to hear me going to work for Brian Kemp to make damn sure that Stacey Abrams is never governor of Georgia,” said Perdue.

David Perdue (L) & Brian Kemp
David Perdue (L) & Brian Kemp

Kemp is to face Stacey Adams this fall in what will become one of America’s most consequential governor’s races. Although Kemp is a powerful candidate the true test of his power will be taken during the gubernatorial elections. Though it is very sad and disheartening that Perdue was unable to win the primary elections against Kemp doesn’t mean that this is the end of Donald Trump.

Trump is one of the most powerful people in American politics right now mostly due to dwindling Democratic support in battleground states. Biden’s declining job approval ratings are only making things easier for the Trump camp. And Trump is leaving no stone unturned to make a comeback in 2024.

Most republicans are of the opinion that Trump is almost certain to make a comeback in 2024’s presidential elections. The basis of Trump’s campaign is the 2020 rigged presidential election. Trump’s insistence on the rigged election seems to have helped Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for Governor in Pennsylvania, sail to victory. Because all the strings related to American politics are now in Trump’s hands, his endorsements are still worth their weight in gold for young politicians. Therefore, Kemp’s victory against Trump-endorsed Perdue does nothing to challenge Trump’s Kingmaker status.

About Donald Trump’s rift with Brian Kemp

Trump, enraged by Kemp’s unwillingness to cooperate with his unusual effort to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results, personally recruited former Sen. David Perdue to run in the primary. Trump even persuaded another Republican to withdraw from the race, paving the way for Perdue to win.

The Trump- Kemp feud has been getting nastier by the day
The Trump- Kemp feud has been getting nastier by the day

Kemp, on the other hand, emerged as a powerful contender who was able to raise large sums of money, allowing him to flood Georgia with television and other advertisements. In the last days of the campaign, he used the power of his office to show voters what he could do for them, unveiling a $5.5 billion, 8,100-job Hyundai Motor facility near Savannah.

About Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp born on 2nd November 1952 is an American businessman and politician. Kemp is also the 83rd Governor of Georgia since 2019. Brian Kemp is a member of the Republican party and he also served as the 27th Secretary of state of Georgia for 7 years from 2010 to 2018.

After completing his education at the University of Georgia, Kemp began his career by owning several financial institutions, agribusinesses and real estate companies. Kemp later went on to join the world of politics in 2002. In 2002, Kemp was elected to the Georgia State Senate. Later he was appointed as the Secretary of State by then Governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue. In 2017, Kemp announced that he was contesting the Georgia Gubernational elections against Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.

Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp

Kemp later won the Georgia Gubernational elections with 408,595 votes. Brian Kemp became a supporter of Trump and adopted Trump-like policies and themes. Once Kemp was appointed as the Governor of Georgia in 2019 he brought into place many policies regarding the economy, prohibiting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, election laws and health care facilities.

Kemp is now running for reelection with the support of Former Vice president Mike Pence. Trump and Kemp have now had a feud since the 2020 presidential elections. After the Former President Donald Trump lost in Georgia he said that he was ashamed he ever extended his support to Brian Kemp.




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