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Cloud: France and Europe in search of autonomy

State services and organizations placed under its supervision must henceforth use the cloud as the default hosting modality for their IT projects, relying on hosting capacities mutualized internal government or on trusted private suppliers ”. These are the details provided on the State’s cloud strategy.

Sensitive data, personal data of French citizens, economic data relating to French companies or business applications relating to public officials of the State… As soon as this information is processed, the private suppliers “ must imperatively be the subject of a security qualification carried out by the ANSSI and be protected from non-European regulations. comply with European or national law “.

The doctrine unveiled last July, specified yesterday,” does not exclude the use of any offer or provider of digital services in particular, and in strict compliance with the rules relating to public procurement ”. However, it asks the State to “ scrupulously ensure the protection of its data and that of our fellow citizens, and in particular their accommodation on the territory of the European Union, in accordance with Union law. ”.

However, the application of these rules will not be immediate. “ The projects already contracted at the time of its publication benefit from a temporary exemption, the time of compliance “. On the other hand, “ no new project will however be initiated with the supplier of a non-compliant offer “, warns the interministerial digital department (DINUM).

At the same time, in Ljubljana, Cédric O “ officially launched the industrial merger process in the important project of common European interest (PIIEC) on Cloud technologies

80 projects, 200 companies from twelve EU Member States, with a common goal : strengthen “ European strategic autonomy in digital technology by developing the most advanced cloud solutions that guarantee low latency, control over data, security and energy efficiency ” .

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