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After the French Trusted Cloud, American giants tout their Trusted Cloud Principles

At the end of May, the government unveiled its new cloud hosting doctrine, favoring European players meeting the SecNumCloud qualification. One subtlety, however: they can partner with foreign players. This is what Capgemini and Orange did with Microsoft to create Bleu. which explains their agility in such situations, or the creation of Gaia-X. Some have just published their “Trusted Cloud Principles”, a name that does not lack irony.

They praise an approach where governments do not would not attempt to access data in the cloud under the guise of laws that are not in accordance with the protection of human rights or the laws of other countries.

They therefore recognize a series of principles going in this direction and claim to support laws promoting transparent data access processes, in accordance with international texts and countries wishing to protect the data of their fellow citizens.

We there are Amazon, Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft but also Atlassian, Salesforce (Slack) and SAP. Companies for the most part American, therefore subject to the Cloud Act and other American extraterritorial laws, and at the origin of the strengthening of sovereign initiatives in many countries, especially in Europe.

Laws which apply, moreover, whatever the principles praised by such and such.

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