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20 years ago, the domain name Framasoft.net was registered

The choice of an anniversary date for the association is not easy: “ Should we keep the date when the project was thought out? That of a first meeting? That of the first public communication? ”. Several dates were selected, including that of November 9 2001 for the registration of the domain name with Gandi. Two years later, it was the turn of .org.

On this occasion, Framasoft gave the floor to Alexis Kauffmann, “ the person behind Framasoft (in 2001), and one of the co-founders of the association (end 2003, beginning 2004) ”. He stopped participating in Framasoft in 2014.

He explains in particular how the name was found. He comes from an interdisciplinary project when he was a young professor with his colleague Caroline d’Atabekian: “” Framanet “(for FRAnçais and MAthymes in IntraNET). And since it had to be given a title, I called it “Framasoft “. That’s all, it started like that as the other would say. ”

It is then the turn of Pouhiou and Pierre-Yves, co-directors of Framasoft, to come back to the history of the association. Finally, “ to consider the (difficult) exercise of projection at years, we sought the opinion of the members of association “.

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