The France THD plan is still advancing at high speed, but with disparities in the deployment of optical fiber depending on the territories and the damage during customer connection. Arcep and the government are aware of the problems, but are struggling to put in place effective solutions.

This week the THD Summer University was held in Saint-Étienne, organized as every year by IdealCo, InfraNum and Avicca. The opportunity for the fiber sector to congratulate itself on the progress made in deployments in public initiative networks (RIPs, deployed by local authorities), but also to collectively complain about the conditions for connecting customers via the famous STOC mode. (Subcontracting to Commercial Operators)

Conferences and round tables with two distinguished guests: Laure de la Raudière (president of Arcep for a little less than a year) and Cédric O (Secretary of State in charge of digital). They share the problems raised by the actors in the field and announce change … with more or less firmness.

Our dossier on the THD summer school

To note:

In the context of the production of this article, InfraNum took charge of part of our transport, accommodation and catering on site. In accordance with our ethical commitments, this was done without any editorial obligation on our part, without interference from InfraNum.


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