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Orange stops RTC in seven cities

The cities concerned are Osny (Île-de-France), Concarneau, Elliant, Melgven, Saint-Yvi, Rosporden and Tourch (South Finistère). “ From 15 October 2021, telephone service on PSTN will no longer be provided , whatever the telecommunications operator “, explains the French Telecoms Federation.

This concerns all residential, professional or businesses that have a fixed telephone line plugged into a “T” “wall outlet. Users in the areas concerned can continue to use the telephone over IP, via fiber or xDSL (the end of the PSTN does not mean the end of the boxes on the copper line). It is also possible to subscribe to a fixed telephony only offer (without Internet).

For more details, FFTélécom has published an FAQ and Arcep a detailed explanation on what exchange. Orange will subsequently decommission the copper, but that’s another story.

Other municipalities are already planned for 15 October 2023 and again a year later. A detailed map is available here.

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