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Liz Cheney barters political allegiance with Democrats in return for her hide being saved

Elizabeth Lynne Cheney was born on July 28, 1966. She is an American attorney and politician who has been the U.S. representative for Wyoming’s at-large congressional district since 2017.


She was deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs in the George W. Bush administration for a while. She also chaired the House Republican Conference which was the third-highest position in the House Republican leadership, from 2019 to 2021.

Like Father, Like Daughter

In recent months, it has been seen that Liz is no different than her father, Dick Cheney. When some followers thought, she was following different footsteps but instead, she had been following her father’s footsteps. Liz’s father, Dick Cheney had a history of siding with democrats just to save his House seat.

Dick Cheney

In the year 2007, in the reddest states of the country. Some liberal activists put a huge statue of Dick Cheney through the whole town. They were protesting against his star role in the Iraq War for good measure. But 15 years later Dick’s daughter, Liz is becoming the same species as her father in Wyoming- a Democrat.

A majority says just to save her previous House seat. Trump-supporting Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop her from what she’s trying to accomplish.   

Twists in Republican Politics 

The turning of Liz Cheney is a twist in republican politics. In recent years, it has been seen that Cheney would do anything just to save her seat in politics. In her gathering at Jackson’s center for the arts, she speaks about bipartisan panels and defending elections. She also addresses in her speech what should be a welcoming audience, her running battle with former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 sacking of the Capitol.

Rebecca Cloetta’s opinion on Liz Cheney

She said angrily on a show “I was here when the … Democrats dragged her father’s effigy down a village road behind a truck at one of their rallies, and those are the people who are supporting her now, that she’s embraced,” 

Rebecca Bextel’s opinion on Liz Cheney

“Can you believe it? Charging for a ticket! It’s a slap in the face,” she is Trump-backing Republican planning to attend the voting event. “We have one person representing us” — Wyoming has a single House member — “and she shows up in town and it costs $10 to see her. She also said that it was embarrassing. “She is not,” Bextel vowed, “going to get reelected.”

Liz Cheney

Maybe Bextel is correct. Though there’s been scant public polling of her primary campaign against Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, it’s apparent that Republicans in Wyoming — which voted for Trump over Joe Biden, 70 to 27 percent, in 2020 — have turned against Cheney en masse since Jan. 6, 2021.

The Revamped Liz Cheney

She has shunned town halls and other voter forums in Wyoming’s overwhelmingly red counties in favor of controlled events. At the March 22 event, which is being hosted by Issue One, a bipartisan organization that advocates for “sweeping reforms to fix our broken political system,” Cheney will answer pre-selected questions.

When Cheney was censured by the state Republican Party in February 2021, three of the eight votes against the move were by officials from Teton County, which encompasses Jackson. The dissenters included Mary Martin, now the county’s GOP chair. Since then, however, Martin has soured on Cheney.

Liz Cheney

She said the congresswoman is rarely in the state, despite having been urged to explain why she voted to impeach Trump. Martin said “She was absolutely invited to come and present what her facts were, to defend why you are doing this and instead she opted to call the Republicans radicals, which has made people upset within the party,”  from the Jackson mansion of Nancy Donovan, a prominent Republican donor in Wyoming. “She’s not in the state, she has not been anywhere, maybe one or two places,” Donovan said.

Trump is worried

Trump is worried that Democrats will help reelect Cheney. He thinks the majority will support her. He backed a bill in the Wyoming legislature that would have barred voters from switching parties on the day of a primary election in order to vote for a candidate of another party.



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