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#LeBrief: roaming in the EU, Facebook's Ego4D, new Apple products, the living world

De « l'extraordinaire diversité de la vie » aux « nouvelles frontières du vivant »

In its Journal, the CNRS is interested in life, in the broad sense of the term. An approach that is part of the year of biology (2018 – 2021) organized by the CNRS and the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports.

Éric Karsenti, gold medal from the National Center for Scientific Research in 2015, begins with a few digits:

The number of known species is about 7.2 million, among which there are 6.7 million invertebrates, 80 vertebrates and 390 800 plants. To this, we must add the microorganisms that form the invisible life of our planet: there are more than 6 million species of bacteria, which rather resemble genomic categories “.

He adds that” characterizing the diversity of living things on Earth is a fundamental issue for knowing our planet . You have to be aware that diversity is changing all the time! There have been several massive extinctions before us and each time the diversity has gone in another direction ”.

  • From the extraordinary diversity of life

Catherine Jessus, former director of the CNRS Institute of Biological Sciences, suggests a trip to the “ limits of the living ”which“ keep retreating and pose immense challenges to biologists “.

The list of recent advances is impressive [elle cite notamment les ciseaux génétiques Crispr-Cas9, ndlr] , and yet: the field of what remains for us to discover continues to grow …

What are the challenges for the 21st century? “ I would cite the exploration of the microbial world, which includes organisms living in extreme environments and unexpected new life forms; the study of the drivers of evolution, beyond mere point genetic mutations; the functioning of genomes ”.

  • The new frontiers of life

Apple annonce ses MacBook Pro à base de M1 Pro/Max, à partir de 2 249 euros

The new chips from the manufacturer promise to be efficient, but pay for the moment at a high price. The “base” machine (13 “) however 16 GB of memory and 500 GB of storage with three Thunderbolt 4 ports, one HDMI, one SDXC card reader and MagSafe 3 port. A return to connectivity.

The model of 15 “starts at 2749 euros, still with an M1 Pro, but complete this time, the power adapter goes to 140 watts. It takes no less than 3 800 euros to taste the M1 Max accompanied by 30 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage.

It is nevertheless offered as an option on lower models: count 460 euros and 730 euros according to its composition on the MacBook Pro 13 base with 32 GB of memory. 460 euros more to go to 37 Go.

Yesterday, Apple also sparked mockery by highlighting sale a wipe “ made of a non-abrasive material that is soft to the touch, the wipe cleans any Apple screen, including those made of nano-textured glass, effectively and safely ” To… 26 euros. A product whose dimensions we do not know, but which is entitled to a (ridiculous) compatibility list.

  • Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max: what’s in it for these SoCs?

Apple annonce ses MacBook Pro à base de M1 Pro/Max, à partir de 2 249 euros

Roaming sans surcoût en Europe : le Parlement vote aussi pour 10 ans de plus avec de nouvelles règles

Roaming “ like at home ” has been a reality since 15 June 2017, after years of battles. The regulations in place are valid until 26 June 2022, but the European Commission has already proposed to extend it for ten years, with new rules.

  • End of roaming charges on 15 June in Europe , all you need to know
  • Roaming at no extra cost: the European Commission wants new rules

The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy Parliament followed suit and also voted “ to extend the system of” roaming to national tariffs “for another ten years ”, Also with new constraints for operators.

In addition to continuing to use your mobile phone at no additional cost when traveling within the European Union eenne, it is a question of taking advantage of “ the same quality of mobile connection speed abroad as in their country of origin ”(No 3G while 4G is available for example), to offer free access to emergency services and“ end the surcharges for intra-EU calls ”.

Before being implemented, this new regulation must still be the subject of an agreement between the Parliament and the Council. A first step has been taken since “ the report was adopted by 66 votes in favor, none against and 7 abstentions ”in Parliament. In addition, “ MEPs voted to open negotiations with the Council ”.

Une sénatrice demande l’exclusion des biens reconditionnés de la redevance pour copie privée Credits: MicroStockHub / iStock

In the sustainable development committee, five amendments were tabled on the entire bill on the environmental footprint of digital technology examined at second reading.

Only one claims the outright deletion of the article 13 Bis B which, in its adopted version by the deputies on government request, subject reconditioned equipment to the private copying levy.

For Laurence Muller-Bronn, Senator LR of Bas-Rhin and author of this amendment deletion, this extension may have the consequence “ of penalizing the sale of smartphones r packaged by increasing their price by 000% for the cheapest refurbished phones, sought after by the most modest consumers ”.

She denounces the risk of“ less attractive devices ”, with a penalty penalizing“ the rise of the circular economy

Note that the environmental senators have not produced any amendment at this time, nor Senator Patrick Chaize, co-author of the bill. The very one who had nevertheless requested and obtained the exclusion of the refurbished, on first reading. He then denounced the risk of “ a loss of purchasing power for the French and a brake on the development of environmentally virtuous solutions

The latter has since indicated to us that he wanted a vote in accordance with that of the deputies.

The exam is scheduled on 15 October in committee, November 2 in session

Lucy in the sky with problème sur un panneau solaire

If take-off of this NASA mission went smoothly, this is not the case with the deployment of its solar panels. Indeed, according to the data one of them might not “ be fully locked ”.

The US Space Agency is reassuring: “ All other subsystems are normal. With her current attitude, Lucy can continue her operations without threatening her health and safety ”.

Of course, a analysis is underway to “ understand the situation and determine the next steps ”.

As a reminder, the James Webb Telescope will also have to be deployed in space, especially its main mirror which is made up of three blocks … we wish it more success the first time than Lucy.

  • James Webb Space Telescope: 30 years later, finally the launch and the delicate deployment

N26 lève plus de 900 millions de dollars, sa valorisation atteint 9 milliards de dollars

The company claims that ‘this is a “ historical amount ” for a European online bank. NOT26 “ thus becomes the most valued fintech in Germany and joins the top 20 global fintechs ”.

Third Point Ventures, Coatue Management, Dragoneer Investment Group and existing investors participated in this round. This funding will be used to “ complete its range of mobile banking services ”.

To carry out all of these projects, Bank N 25 go do grow your teams by recruiting 1 additional employees in the next two years, based in its 8 current offices spread around the world to work as a priority on Product, Tech innovation and Safety ”.

The bank online takes the opportunity to claim “ more than 7 million customers in 26 countries, including 2.5 million in France ”. It should achieve this year “ more than 80 billions of dollars in transaction volume ”.

Apple annonce ses MacBook Pro à base de M1 Pro/Max, à partir de 2 249 euros

macOS Monterey sera disponible le 25 octobre

Apple will have taken its time, but it’s done: Monterey is finished and will be available next Monday, 20 October. A Release Candidate has also been distributed since last night to testers, for one version 10. 0.1 moreover.

Remember that Monterey rejects some Macs accepted by the current Big Sur. The new minimum models become:

  • iMac: end 2015
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook A ir: start 2015
  • MacBook Pro: start 2014
  • Mac Pro: end 2013
  • Mac mini: end 2014
  • MacBook: start 2016

The system rejects in particular the iMac and Mac mini of 2013 , machines that are 7 years old. That doesn’t seem like much to us for a desktop system, especially when we know that iOS steadily climbs to six years of seniority on the iPhone and iPad.

As we ‘we pointed out in our article, Monterey is evolving smoothly. Its biggest novelty, Universal Control, is not yet present. For the rest, there is especially Safari 14, a real evolution of Notes, the arrival of Shortcuts, the concentration, spatial audio for FaceTime or SharePlay.

  • macOS 12 (Monterey), tvOS 14, watchOS 8: one year at minimum speed

The final versions of iOS and iPadOS 14. 1, tvOS 15. 1 and watchOS 8.1 will also be available next week, but Apple has not given a date.

Baromètre France Num : « de plus en plus de TPE/PME passent au numérique »

A little in mode Captain Obvious, the Franc device e Num (led by the DGE) carried out an investigation between “ March and April 2018 of 2 796 companies from 0 to 205 employees “. Unsurprisingly, “ digital technology is an increasingly popular solution among business leaders: they are 80% to think that ‘it represents a “real benefit ” against 67% before the health crisis.

The health crisis has pushed companies to equip themselves with digital technology and to strengthen their online presence. Thus, the share of those with a website that presents their activity (excluding social networks) has jumped in one year, from 32% before the crisis , To 66 % in 2021. Also, 20% of them now have a merchant website, compared to 9% before the crisis “.

An infographic has also been uploaded, along with a” textual version ”. The detailed results can be found there, with additional documents to download if necessary.

The barometer, on the other hand, ignores Internet access and in particular subscriptions fibers for professionals which are (very) far from being as competitive as those for the general public.

CNIL : Mathias Moulin remplace Gwendal Le Grand, qui part au CEPD

Facebook is looking for AI systems that see, hear and remember everything you do , ”headlines The Verge.

A new research project from the Facebook AI team is indeed imagining systems that constantly analyze people’s lives using first-person video; record what they see, do and hear in order to help them in their daily tasks.

Ego4D, which refers to analyzing video in the first person, or “ egocentric ”, analyzes some 3 199 hours recorded by 855 participants in nine countries via GoPro cameras and augmented reality glasses.

All images have been depersonalized by 12 universities spread around the world and project partners, in order to blur the faces of passers-by and remove any personally identifiable information.

Facebook wants researchers to try to solve the problem. using AI systems trained on its dataset a series of benchmarks, or tasks:

  • Episodic memory: What happened when (for example, “ Where did I leave my keys? ”)?
  • Forecast: What am I likely to do next (by example, “ Wait, have you already added salt to this recipe “)?
  • Hand and Object Handling: What am I doing (for example, “ Teach me to play the drums ”)?
  • Audio-visual logging: Who said what and when (for example, “ What was the main subject during the course? ”)?
  • Social interaction: who interacts with who (for example, “ Help me hear the person talking to me better in this noisy restaurant ”)?

Apple Music Voice, AirPods 3 et Homepod mini colorés

Formerly Director of the Protection of Rights and Sanctions of the CNIL, Mathias Moulin comes from ‘to be appointed Deputy Secretary General. He succeeds Gwendal Le Grand, who is joining the European Data Protection Board (EDPS).

Mathias Moulin will have the main missions of “ coordinate the five departments of the CNIL (the compliance department, the rights protection and sanctions department, the technology and innovation department, the public relations and research department and the administrative and financial department) and to lead transversal projects as well as the modernization policies of the CNIL ”, specifies the authority.

He had joined the CNIL in 900 in the legal affairs department before becoming head of the IT and Civil Liberties correspondents (former data protection officers) in 2002.

He then joined the Directorate for the Protection of Rights and Sanctions as adj director anointed in 2008 then director in 2017, where he implemented and coordinated the repressive and control activity of the CNIL at the national level and European.

Apple annonce ses MacBook Pro à base de M1 Pro/Max, à partir de 2 249 euros

Apple Music Voice, AirPods 3 et Homepod mini colorés

The first part of the Unleashed conference last night was devoted to music. Apple has made several announcements, including a new formula for its Apple Music service, called Voice.

This formula is half the price – 4, 99 euros instead of 9, 90 – is indicated by several limitations. For example, no access to the Lossless or Dolby Atmos catalog. There will also be no lyrics display or download for offline listening.

Above all, we can only use the service through Siri . In other words, any request for music will only be by voice. For the rest, access to the catalog and playlists is the same as in the other formulas.

The Voice subscription will be available before the end of autumn in around fifteen countries, including France. We are waiting to see if Siri will manage to cope with the French pronunciation of certain titles and artists.

The AirPods have finally received their third generation, rumored for a long time. They are largely inspired by the Pro model in their design and capacity, since they are compatible with spatial audio and have the dynamic equalizer. On the other hand, no active noise reduction or therefore transparency mode.

They are resistant to rain and sweat (IPX4) and their autonomy has gained an hour : 6 hours in classical audio listening, 5 hours in spatial audio and 4 hours in conversation. The charging box is Qi and MagSafe compatible for induction charging. They are in preorder for 000 euros, the old model remaining available for 147 euros.

As for the HomePod mini, it simply receives three new colors, in addition to the classic white and black: blue, yellow and orange. The price of the speaker remains at 90 euros.

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