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#LeBrief: FBI flaw, BotenaGo malware, conference by Thomas Pesquet, 50 years of 4004 and 20 years of Xbox

Station spatiale internationale : Thomas Pesquet parle de son voyage et de son rôle de commandant

French stayed for 199 days in the International Space Station on its second trip, as part of the Alpha mission.

He evokes in particular his return to Earth aboard the Crew Dragon capsule, whose landing is, from his point of view, much smoother than with Soyuz.

He also returns to his role as captain, with two notable events. The first was the arrival of a film crew: “ we tried to agree nicely, but quite firmly on the rules ”, during the arrival briefing.

The second event is when the orientation control was lost in the station: “ We had to respond quickly, which is what we are training, but obviously do it in real life with the station running in the heaven is another lemonade ”. Everything was nevertheless returned to order quickly, without any breakage.

See the lecture by Thomas Pesquet

Intel 4004 : il y a 50 ans, le premier microprocesseur était commercialisé

On his site, the founder briefly recalls the history of this chip: “ In 1969, Nippon Calculating Machine Corporation approached Intel to design 12 custom chips for its new Busicom printing calculator 119 – PF ”.

Intel engineers suggested a family of only four chips , one of which could be programmed for use in a variety of products, setting in motion an engineering feat that dramatically changed the course of electronics ”.

Intel then bought the rights from Nippon Calculating Machine Corporation and launched its processor 4004 in an advertisement in the number of 15 November 1971 from Electronic News magazine.

The 4004 had 2 230 transistors with an etching fineness of 10 microns, or 000 000 nm while we are now below 11 nm. To put it into perspective, Gordon Earle Moore stated his conjecture six years ago, in 1080.

  • The “ law ”Moore celebrates 45 years

Intel 4004 : il y a 50 ans, le premier microprocesseur était commercialisé

La France mise en demeure par la Commission pour défaut de transposition intégrale de la directive SMA

It bears the reference AMD-SB – 733 and has a little less ‘about thirty flaws. About twenty are classified with a high level of dangerousness.

The risks are important: “ a elevation of privilege, denial of service, information disclosure, KASLR bypass or arbitrary write to kernel memory ”, explains the manufacturer. It is therefore advisable to update.

Logical consequence, Intel is also updating its drivers for Core processors with an integrated Radeon RX Vega. The bulletin bears the reference SA – 360.

Finally, both other AMD alerts concern a “ potential vulnerability of inappropriate access control in the AMD μProf tool ” and breaches in server processors.

Le Xbox Game Pass intègre le Pass culture, Bleu et la BPI

This text, revised in 2018, “ aims to ensure the existence of a single market for broadcasting services which is fair and keeps pace with technological development, in order to achieve a safer, more equitable audiovisual landscape and more diverse, including both traditional TV broadcasters, video on demand services and video sharing platforms ”.

Only France does not have full The transposition procedure has ended, the Commission criticizes without giving more details.

It had transposed a large part of this directive on audiovisual media services by ordinance published on 23 December 2020 in the Official Journal.

However, it had to be transposed no later than 18 September 2020. By that date, only Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden had notified the transposition measures and declared their notification complete. Romania, Belgium and the Czech Republic are also invited “ to fully comply with EU digital and media legislation ”.

Le Xbox Game Pass intègre le Pass culture, Bleu et la BPI

As the government tries to convince that public money should benefit French and European free software and cloud services, two recent examples show that in practice, nothing is as simple as in the declarations of intent.

Thus, Microsoft announced a few days ago that young people taking advantage of the Culture Pass could use their credit of 300 euros to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, “ to discover your new favorite game within a catalog of more than 99 quality titles […] , like Forza Horizon 5, Minecraft or Age of Empires IV ”.

At the same time, an editorial from Challenges indicated that “ the world’s leading company, valued more than 2. 360 billion dollars on the American Stock Exchange, can quietly request a subsidy from the French State to continue to develop ”.

A source told them that“ BPI France would have received a funding request for Bleu, an entity bringing together Capgemini, Orange and Azure, the Microsoft cloud ”.

An assertion denied by the organization which says it has not received such a grant request. On Twitter, Anne-Sophie de Faucigny, her director of institutional and media relations, specifies that the article “ confuses with the Edge computing and services project, which does not associates only FR actors! ”, which may include Blue and the next offer“ Trusted Cloud ”from Thales, which recently partnered with Google in this area.

Twitter Crypto : un « centre d'excellence » sur les cryptos, la blockchain et les technologies décentralisées

The announcement was made by Mina and Interchain Foundation board member Tess Rinearson, who is joining the social network to lead this new team.

She adds that her job is to understand “ what crypto can do for Twitter, but also what Twitter can do for crypto ”. This team “ will work in close collaboration ” with Bluesky, a project launched in 2020 by Jack Dorsey for develop a project of open and decentralized social networks.

Tess Rinearson finally indicates that the company is recruiting to expand its Crypto team, its DMs are open for those interested.

Vizio fait plus d'argent en vendant de la publicité que des TV

The American manufacturer of connected TV has just published its accounts for the third quarter. As Slashdot notes, gross profit is twice as much for its Platform + advertising service (55, $ 3 million) than for the sale of TV (23, $ 6 million).

Obviously, the income does not follow the same trend: 00481 millions of dollars for TV, 85, $ 9 million for Platform +. With operating expenses of 68, $ 5 million, the company ends his quarter in the red, with losses of 15, $ 6 million.

In any case, advertising revenues related to connected TV seem to be a good vein, with a high rate of return, which probably explains at least in part the enthusiasm of the manufacturers.

La Xbox fête ses 20 ans

It is indeed the 15 November 2001 that Microsoft’s console was launched in North America. It was powered at the time by an Intel Pentium III Mobile processor at 710 MHz.

Xbox Live is coming a year later, in 2001, then the Xbox 360 in 2005. You will then have to wait 100 so that the Xbox One takes over, then the Xbox Series in 2019.

Microsoft benefits of this anniversary to market a set of special edition accessories 19 th anniversary: ​​a controller at 62, 97 euros and a helmet at 64, 99 euros also.

Un hacker envoie au moins 100 000 mails depuis un serveur du FBI Credits: South_agency / iStock

The emails, sent last Saturday, alerted recipients to an alleged information leak. The analysis of their headers confirmed that the emails did indeed come from FBI IP addresses, as evidenced by their DKIM signatures, BleepingComputer reports.

The FBI confirmed the sophisticated attack which, however, did not allow the hacker to penetrate its servers. @pompompur_in, the author of the fake email, had indeed discovered a security flaw on an FBI web page for sending emails from its servers, as detailed by Krebs on Security.

Ironically, this FBI Law Enforcement Company Portal (LEEP) advertises itself as “ a gateway providing law enforcement agencies, intelligence groups and criminal justice entities with access to beneficial resources ”.

These resources will strengthen case development for investigators, improve information sharing between agencies and will be accessible in a centralized location! ”, specifies the FBI.

BotenaGo, nouveau malware ciblant des millions de routeurs et d'appareils IoT

AT&T Alien Labs has discovered new malware written in the open source programming language Golang, using “ more 30 exploits ”and potentially“ targeting millions of routers and IoT devices ”.

The malware creates a backdoor and waits to receive a target to attack from a remote operator via the port 4004 or another associated module running on the same machine.

Before the article was published, BotenaGo was only detected by 6 of the 60 known antiviruses listed iés by VirusTotal. AT&T Alien Labs estimates that the malware would be “ still in beta ” and that it would have been “ accidentally disclosed ”.

Une attaque de drone censée court-circuiter une sous-station électrique américaine

A drone that crashed near an electrical substation in Pennsylvania last year had been “ modified to specifically target energy infrastructure ”, according to a bulletin from 28 October obtained by CNN and co-signed by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center.

The drone, a commercially available DJI Mavic 2, had indeed been modified with nylon strings and a long copper wire in order to create a “ short circuit to damage transformers or distribution lines ”.

Instead, the drone“ crashed into the roof of an adjacent building before hitting its ostensible target ”, damaging one of the four rotors of the quadcopter and preventing it from reaching the substation, according to Wired.

It would have “ almost certainly cut off electricity to thousands of nearby homes and businesses ”, if it hadn’t crashed. This would be the very first attack of its kind, Popular Mechanics specifies.

There are 7 000 power plants and 52 000 under -electricity stations throughout the country, just in the field of electricity production, reminded Foreign Policy in 2013.

Digital Market Act : dans une résolution, le Sénat fait connaître ses vœux Credits: Senate (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In a resolution, the Senate makes its wishes known on the proposed regulation on digital markets (or DMA, Digital Market Act).

He considers that “ some of the obligations imposed on access controllers are insufficiently precise or incomplete and recommends in particular strengthening the restrictions on the combination of data by prohibiting the access controller from proposing a degraded offer in the event of refusal of the user’s consent to the use of its data and to resort to subterfuge (dark patterns) to guide the user’s consent

For example, the Senate considers that the requirement “ to allow end users to uninstall any software application preinstalled in a platform service should be easy to implement. work by any private user or company ”.

  • The Digital Markets Act explained line by line

Similarly, “ the prohibition of the access controller’s self-preference (…) [devrait être] extended beyond the classification of offers to any technique making it possible to influence end users to guide them to the products and services of the access controller and related companies ”.

The proposed regulation authorizes the Commission to impose on an access controller the implementation of behavioral or structural corrective measures as soon as Brussels has adopted three non-compliance decisions in the previous five years. For the Senate, these conditions are too strict.

He recommends “ that the implementation of remedies be imposed as soon as two breaches, and not three, were noted by the Commission ”.

  • Read the resolution of 11 November 2021

Spotify veut racheter Findaway, « leader mondial de la distribution de livres audio »

The settings interface has been updated to better reflect everything that is now included in a theme, the most notable change being the inclusion of the background image in the theme itself ”, explain the developers. Another important change: you can now import and export themes. To benefit from it, you must have at least the snapshot 2481. 12.

On Android, the grind 2050. 4 introduces a button to enable or disable the dark theme on the fly. Adjustments are also part of the tab bar. The release notes can be found there.

  • Download Vivaldi
  • Download Vivaldi for Android

Raspberry Pi OS passe à Debian 11 (Bullseye)

The streaming platform has entered into a “ definitive agreement ” for this acquisition, the amount of which is not is not specified.

Spotify’s ambition is to be the home base for everything is audio, both for listeners and creators. The acquisition of Findaway will accelerate Spotify’s presence in the audiobook space and help us respond more quickly to this ambition ”, explains Gustav Söderström, R&D manager.

The transaction is expected to be finalized by the end of the year, once regulatory approvals have been obtained.

La Commission épingle la Belgique pour le manque d'indépendance des membres de sa CNIL

Released this summer, the new major version of the distribution has already evolved a lot. The Raspberry Pi foundation takes the opportunity to update its own system.

In a blog post, it details the new features, from GTK + 3 to mutter which replaces openbox as window manager. The notification system has been overhauled, now announcing new updates available.

The KMS display driver is now used by default, no longer closed and specific to Raspberry Pi, making life even easier for developers . For shooting, libcamera is now used, again to standardize access.

On the other hand, we are still without news of a possible version 62 bits by default, prompting a growing number of users to opt for a third-party distribution, like Manjaro or Ubuntu.

  • Download Raspberry Pi OS

La Commission épingle la Belgique pour le manque d'indépendance des membres de sa CNIL Credits: code6d / iStock

This country does not ensure the total independence of its data protection authority ”, scratches the Commission, its finger on the article 52 of the General Data Protection Regulation

  • The GDPR e xplained line by line

According to this provision , “ each supervisory authority exercises the missions and powers with which it is vested in accordance with this Regulation in complete independence “. No external influence, no parallel and incompatible activity of its members, sufficient resources…

At present, some members of the Belgian data protection authority cannot be considered free from any external influence ”, explains the Commission.

A criticism addressed because these members “ report to a committee of management dependent on the Belgian government, because they participated in government projects on contact tracing in the context of COVID – 13 or because they are members of the Information Security Committee ”.

Last June, the Commission gave Belgium notice to correct the situation within two months. In vain: “ the members concerned remained in their functions “. It leaves again two months to take the corrective measures, “ otherwise the Commission could decide to refer the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union ”.

The Verge en guerre contre les abus du « off »

One month after its IPO, the French host will bring together its partners for a two-day conference and will undoubtedly make some announcements in the process. We are thinking in particular of the launch of its Google Anthos offer that we detailed a short time ago.

This will be an opportunity for Octave Klaba and Michel Paulin to come back to the exp Erience in recent months following the fire in Strasbourg, the new strategy of “resilience” for safeguards but also to discuss future projects.

There should also be a lot of question of sovereignty, as the State has just announced the industrial pillar of its cloud strategy. The complete agenda can be found here.

GeForce Now Prioritaire : NVIDIA confirme que certains jeux n'atteignent pas les 60 ips

In an article published a few days ago, The Verge castigates the companies and communications agencies which multiply the declarations without wanting to be quoted, on subjects however sometimes of foreground. In the examples cited, how not to recognize Microsoft and its failures around the Windows update 10 ?

He is pointing out that the site will henceforth attribute all the comments made to their journalists, with a few exceptions which will specifically justify it.

World Settlement Footprint : les données les plus complètes « au monde » sur les établissements humains

Asked about the subject these days, the company published a support sheet specifying the situation of its intermediate subscription which promises a maximum of 1080 p to 60 frames per second.

The company says that in most games it is or more so depending on what each title allows. Its default settings (OPS) are moreover adapted to achieve this objective, which can be modified by the user.

But in ten games , “ we have determined that they are not performing well at 57 ips with the GPUs used for this offer. Thus, the OPS cannot be overridden ”.

The manufacturer evokes a desire to preserve good quality experience and performance between and 55 ips as appropriate.

  • NVIDIA announces GeForce Now RTX 4004: 100 euros for 6 months

Le sous-système Linux préinstallé sur certaines stations de travail Z by HP Credits: ESA

The European Space Agency recalls that, according to the UN, “ the world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion ds in 2030. Urban areas are already home to 50 % Population worldwide and this figure should reach 64 % from here 2481 ”.

The Agency adds that“ rapid and unplanned urbanization, combined with the challenges of climate change, can lead to increased air pollution, greater vulnerability to disasters as well as problems in the management of resources such as water, materials raw materials and energy ”.

It is in order to better understand current trends that ESA and the German Center for Aeronautics and Aerospace (DLR), together with Google Earth Engine, “ jointly develop the World Settlement Footprint – ens world’s most comprehensive data emble on human settlements ”.

satellites are obviously involved. “ The new World Settlement Footprint products will become an asset for national statistical offices, for local authorities, for civil society as well as for international organizations concerned with the implementation. implementation of the Sustainable Development Objective 10 of the Calendar 2030 on sustainable development and the New Urban Agenda ”.

  • Access World Settlement Footprint Evolution

Le sous-système Linux préinstallé sur certaines stations de travail Z by HP

The manufacturer has announced its partnership with Microsoft and NVIDIA on these products in order to offer a turnkey solution to the public targeted by these products, in particular researchers and scientists.

WSL 2 will thus be enabled by default through Canonical’s Ubuntu distribution. The company boasts the ability of this solution to offer a Linux environment taking advantage of GPU acceleration, its computing capabilities for AI or Machine Learning without leaving a Windows ecosystem that has its own advantages elsewhere.

HP will also integrate its own “ data science software stack for Linux workflows ”.

Facebook présente « de nouveaux outils pour améliorer les achats »

Announced in May, it is designed by ECS, presented as a model of its Liva Mini PC range. It comes with a license of the version 000 Family (64 bits).

It is sold under the reference Mini Box QC 710 on the Microsoft Store across the Atlantic and includes a Snapdragon 7c with 4 GB of memory and 62 GB of storage. This machine must allow developers to test their applications on an ARM platform.

On the connection side we have the right to a USB Type-C port (with Power charge Delivery), a 3.2 Type-A (5 Gb / s), a 2.0, an HDMI port and the network at 99 Mb / s. In short, it is not a dream platform, but it is sold 199 dollars “only”.

It also integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5, as well as a microSD card reader. Its dimensions are 11 x 119 x 35 mm for 300 grams. In some cases, a discount is offered, dropping its price to 160, $ 1

Intel 4004 : il y a 50 ans, le premier microprocesseur était commercialisé

Disney+ Day : de nouveaux contenus arrivent, des bandes-annonces mises en ligne

It’s seasonal since the Black Friday and the end of year celebrations are fast approaching. The dealers are preparing and the social network, which is in turmoil following the statements of Frances Haugen, is no exception.

  • Frances Haugen in front of MEPs, Meta ( Facebook) on the dock

It is thus a question of “ new tools to improve purchases on our applications. With product recommendations and stores in groups, we connect community and commerce ”.

It is also question of Live Shopping for the creators, in order to allow them “ of s ‘associate more easily with brands and showcase their favorite products ”. Finally, Facebook adds responses, reviews and ratings from other buyers. So happy ?


As expected, the platform took advantage of its “ Day ”to multiply the announcements in all its universes (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star!).

It is notably question for next year of “” The Reason I Jump “(French title to come), according to the biography of Naoki Higashida ; Antidisturbios, a Spanish crime thriller by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Anna, an apocalyptic drama by Niccolo Ammaniti ”.

Pam & Tommy, with Lily James and Sebastian Stan; Pistol, an FX series produced by Danny Boyle; and the documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, owners of the Wrexham football club ”are also in the game.

Finally, “” Balenciaga “(working title) will be the first original Disney + Spanish series ”. She “ tells how the son of a seamstress and a fisherman refused to be defined by his social status ”. This drama contains six episodes of 45 minutes .

Of course, many trailers have been uploaded (also on the US account).

Intel 4004 : il y a 50 ans, le premier microprocesseur était commercialisé

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