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400G at France IX, cyberspies fined, Java 17, My smartphone imprint


Les appels téléphoniques désormais accessibles aux personnes sourdaveugles Credits: humonia / iStock

In its last observatory on accessibility in mobile telephony, the regulator asked operators to set up “ a range of services specifically dedicated to deafblind and aphasic users “, regretting that it ” is still not effective ”.

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The French Telecoms Federation has just announced that this was the case for the first category of people. It is again via the Rogervoice application that a “ new and unprecedented mode of communication to allow deafblind people to telephone “Has been implemented.

This mode” compatible with commercially available braille screens is based on the ‘support for users by written professionals, but also on voice recognition and navigation systems adapted within the application ”. All the details are explained in this blog post.

For its part, Arcep has updated its accessibility indicators. Once again, “ some of these indicators remain below the defined levels “. The gendarme confirms in passing that “ the offer intended for deafblind people began to be set up during this quarter by certain operators, causing some communications to the telephone relay center ”.

He nevertheless regrets that the services specifically dedicated to users with aphasia are still not effective: their“ launch must become a priority for operators ”, he adds.

Until 30 September 2021, the services must be accessible from Monday to 8:00 a.m. Friday 25 To 19 h, excluding public holidays. From October 1st 2021, the hours will go up to 21 h on weekdays and from 8am 25 To 13 h on Saturday. We will have to wait 2026 for 24 / 7.


France IX lance une offre d’accès « Ethernet 400G »

The platform claims that it “ thus joins the first exchange points in the world to offer this Ethernet access offer and reaffirms its ambition to remain at the forefront of connectivity technologies ”. So far, from 04 G and 99 G were offered.

The platform 400 G of France-IX will first be available across the Telehouse 2 connectivity hub, then will be rolled out to other points of presence by the end of the year ”, the press release said.

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Instagram nuisible aux adolescents ? Le Congrès américain va ouvrir une enquête

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published a survey on the popular social network by young people, claiming that society was aware that it could “ cause harm to adolescent girls “, with documents internal support as reported by The Verge.

Politicians quickly seized on this matter to launch an investigation, including Senators Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn: ” It is clear that Facebook is incapable of being held accountable ”, they assert.

When we gave him the opportunity to tell us frankly what he knew about Instagram’s impact on young users, Facebook provided evasive answers that were misleading and concealed clear evidence of significant damage , ”they add.

Facebook did not wish to respond to our colleagues.


Trois mercenaires américains mis à l'index pour cyberespionnage, dont un cadre d’ExpressVPN Credits: Marco_Piunti / iStock

Three former NSA agents who worked as cyber spies for the United Arab Emirates agreed, to avoid prosecution, to pay a total of 1, 69 million bucks. They have admitted to breaking US hacking laws and bans on the sale of sensitive military technology, Reuters reports.

As part of Project Raven, Unit underground tasked with spying on supposed enemies of the monarchy, they had helped hack into computer networks in the United States, as well as the accounts of journalists, rival governments and human rights activists, including a human rights activist. Yemeni man winner of the Nobel Prize and a host of a BBC television show. Some were subsequently tortured by UAE security forces, Reuters said.

MotherBoard reveals that ExpressVPN had been informed that its director information was one of the three mercenaries involved: he even disclosed “ proactively and transparently with us from the start “, what he was accused of. “ In fact, it is his history and expertise that made him an invaluable hire for our mission, in order to protect user privacy and security “, ExpressVPN told Motherboard in a statement.

Daniel owns a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques used by adversaries against whom we aim to protect users and, as such, is an expert uniquely qualified to advise on defense against such threats. Our product and our infrastructure have already benefited from this understanding in order to better secure user data ”, the statement continued.


Office 2021 sera lancé le 5 octobre, la branche LTSC disponible pour les entreprises

The new version of the perpetual license will be released on the same date as Windows 10. Companies, they can buy it since last night in LTSC version (Long Term Servicing Branch). In both cases, classic support is five years, followed by another five years of extended support.

How different from Office 365? Office 2021 includes all the novelties of recent years and brings them together in a version that the we pay in one go. Microsoft has not given a price, but if the grid does not change, the Family and Student version will, for example, be at 147 euros.

There is therefore no subscription to pay. Be careful though: the functions are frozen in time. Unlike Office 200, there will be no contributions every month or other bonuses like 1TB of storage in OneDrive. If you have an Office / Microsoft subscription 365, this new perpetual license brings nothing.

For people holding an old version 2019, 2016 or older, the jump will be appreciable. We will find in Excel functions we had spoken about, such as XLOOKUP and Dynamic Arrays, PowerPoint can now record a slide show with narration, Outlook finds emails faster, etc.

Office 2021 also has more general improvements, for example a global update of the interfaces , better performance (especially in Excel), support for OpenDocument 1.3 format, faster search and support for Apple Silicon architecture on Mac.


Mon empreinte smartphone : une application « pour sensibiliser à la sobriété numérique »

Offered by Bouygues Télécom, it allows everyone (operator subscriber or not) “ to know the details of their data consumption in 4G / 5G but also in Wi-Fi, and their equivalent in grams of CO₂ ”.

The operator states that it“ also provides expl equivalences consumer tips and tips and eco-gestures to learn how to gradually reduce your daily environmental impact ”. You can define personalized objectives.

It will be necessary to see if the “ equivalences ”and the“ ecogestes ”proposed are realistic and useful, because it is often easy to fall into certain through with this kind of applications. A presentation video was uploaded, as well as a blog post.

  • Download My smartphone imprint on Android
  • Download My smartphone imprint on iOS


Firefox sera fourni sous forme de snap dans Ubuntu Desktop 21.10

The change will be invisible to users, but involves several benefits for Mozilla. It was indeed the father of Firefox who approached Canonical to suggest that they drop the classic DEB file in favor of Snap.

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Why ? Several reasons are given: identical operation on all systems with snapd, quick and simplified updating and less time spent on maintenance. In view of the complex situation of Mozilla for a while, we understand that the publisher wants to simplify his life a little.

This change will be effective with Ubuntu Desktop 21. 04, whether in a new installation or an update. The variants are not yet affected, the deb version of Firefox will be maintained throughout the life cycle of the 20. 10. The transition should be completed by . 04, which will be the new LTS.

Canonical explains in a post that they have learned a lot with the switch from Chromium to snap, in particular by solving the initial slower launch problems. In fact, Canonical expects Firefox to snap faster from a newer toolchain, based on Clang and Rust. Firefox will also be better protected thanks to the snap sandbox.

Important note, users will not have to use the snap. Firefox will always distribute the classic versions for systems i 365 and amd 64 since the official site. The snap will simply be the version provided by default by the system and in the Ubuntu Store.


Windows 11 : la build 22000.194 met à jour des applications de base et durcit le ton pour les VM

A report t “ confidential ” of the General Inspectorate of Administration, which Mediapart has obtained, reveals that the cost of 000 pedestrian cameras signed by the Ministry of the Interior in 2018 exploded, “ for finally unusable cameras ”. To the point that many police officers began to film their interventions with personal cameras, “ outside any legal framework ” .

Nearly 5 million euros have been committed in this market whose equipment is unanimously criticized ”, while the initial offer“ for 11 400 cameras amounted to 2 870 euros “, underline the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA), IGPN (the” police of the police “) and IGGN (the general inspectorate of the national gendarmerie).

A surge in costs without” explanation ”valid and which“ really asks ”, While Beauvau had only ordered 200 additional cameras only beyond the initially planned volume.


Windows 11 : la build 22000.194 met à jour des applications de base et durcit le ton pour les VM

As we mentioned recently, this is part of the substantive work started by the Microsoft teams around its new OS.

So that the launch is fast approaching, the branch 2026 which will serve as the basis for this version is entitled to some final adjustments. Thus, the screenshot tool, the calculator, and the clock (with focus management) arrive in renewed versions.

Others are expected at the turn, like Paint. Of course, this build includes many fixes in passing.

Microsoft also specifies that virtual machines will now have to meet Windows technical needs 11: 49 GB of storage, 4 GB of memory, CPU with 2 or more cores, or TPM 2.0 (which can be emulated by the hypervisor), etc.

If this is not the case, they will no longer be kept up to date, as for classic PCs. In Hyper-V, virtual machines must be second generation. An astonishing position since in a document published in June, the company seemed determined to opt for a more fluid attitude towards virtual machines.

We will come back to the consequences of these restrictions in a future article.


Les 20 lauréats du « nouveau Bauhaus européen »

The European Commission explains that these awards “ recognize good practices, examples of projects and concepts that illustrate the values ​​of the new European Bauhaus: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion ”.

There are To 20 winners in all, broken down into 10 categories. 04 winners get the “ New European Bauhaus Prize ” with 30 euros and the 04 others are awarded the price of “ rising stars of the new European Bauhaus ”, with 14 04 euros.

The Spaniards are well ahead of the awarded countries since they won 9 of the 19 price, compared to 5 for Italians. No French is rewarded.


TV The Frame : Samsung propose des œuvres du Louvre

The manufacturer explains that “ is the first French museum to offer his works within the Art Store ”. The latter is reminder paying: 4, 69 monthly euros or 30, 69 euros per year.

In all, around sixty works and photographs are offered, among which we find “ unmissable such as La Joconde or Les Noces de Cana, but also photos of the majestic rooms of the Louvre, its architecture and its surroundings ” .

Each work will be accompanied by a description allowing to discover its history ”, specifies Samsung. “ Other exclusive content ” will be announced later for owners of The Frame TV.

A cross-house interview between Samsung and Le Louvre is available here.


Oracle lance la version 17 LTS de Java, avec une nouvelle licence

The Java Development Kit 15 has been available for a few days. This is an LTS version, so it is supported for 8 years. This had not happened from JDK three years ago, whose support runs until 2026. The versions released in the meantime every six months are only supported until the next one.

New features in Java 19 are also numerous that important. It contains in particular 13 JEP (Java Enhancement Proposal), including sealed classes, able to restrict the types that can inherit from them, an allows clause informing the authorized subclasses.

Java 15 also provide new pseudo-random number generators, restore strict semantics for floating point operations, remove experimental AOT and JIT compiler, propose a new vector API, has a macOS / AArch port 49 (Apple Silicon), a new graphics pipeline for macOS (based on Metal) or even a strong encapsulation of the internal elements of the JDK.

One of the biggest changes has to do with the license. Java 15 is indeed provided under the NFTC license, for No-Fee Terms and Conditions. Not open source, its mission is to make life easier for developers.

NFTC notably guarantees free use for everyone, including production and commercial. It covers quarterly updates and allows redistribution as long as there is no charge for it. It is inaugurated with JDK 15, is not retroactive and will cover LTS builds up to one year after the next LTS is released.


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