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Kelly Clarkson’s husband

Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. She is a famous American novelist, singer, songwriter, and actor. She is well-known for her television appearances. After winning the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002, she rocketed to popularity. Her debut single, “A Moment Like This” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.


Clarkson parted ways with Idol management in an attempt to reinvent herself, and her second studio album, Breakaway, was released in 2004. Breakaway garnered two Grammy Awards for four top-ten hits in the United States: “Breakaway” “Since U Been Gone” “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and “Because of You” ‘All I Ever Wanted,’ Clarkson’s fourth and fifth studio albums, respectively, became her second number-one album in the United States. She became the first woman to win two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Kelly Clarkson is “one of pop music’s greatest singers,” according to Billboard. Her voice also earned her the Powerhouse Award. She was ranked as the nineteenth greatest lady in music on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music.

Kelly Clarkson’s husband: The full story up to marriage

Clarkson’s husband is Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson began dating him in 2012 while he was her talent manager. However, she knew him since 2006, while she stated she felt attracted towards him, the reason for the delay was that Brandon was married to his now ex-wife, Mellisa Ashworth. They met later at the 2012 Super Bowl.


Brandon had ended his Marriage with Ashworth and Clarkson was set to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl. “We are totally going to get married. We love each other. We are totally going to get married one day, but he has two children and I’m new … I mean, he’s gotta put a ring on it at some point, but I’ll wait it out,” Kelly told Ellen at the Ellen Show.

Kelly Clarkson's family

On December 16th, 2012, the couple was engaged. “I’M ENGAGED!!!!! I wanted y’all to know!! Happiest night of my life last night! I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever :),” Kelly Tweeted. They later married on October 20, 2013, at Blackberry Farms.

Kelly Clarkson’s husband: The high-profile divorce

Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her spouse of nearly a decade, in June, alleging “irreconcilable differences.” River, a 5-year-old daughter, and Remington, a 4-year-old son, are the couple’s two children.

Kelly Clarkson's husband

Brandon is also the father of two children from a previous marriage. Inside the wake of their separation procedures, fresh court records acquired by People indicate that the pair will retain joint and physical custody of their children in Los Angeles, although Kelly will have primary custody.

Kelly Clarkson’s husband intends to go to Montana, whilst Kelly will remain in Los Angeles to shoot The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Voice. The records provide a more in-depth look at what’s truly going on between the former couple: “The amount of disagreement between the parents has risen. Due to trust concerns between the parties, the parties are having difficulty co-parenting “It clarifies. The couple also promised not to “not speak in a derogatory manner about the other parent to the minor children.”

Kelly has only talked on the subject once since the news broke when she reacted to somebody who blamed her for putting work before her marriage. With the comeback of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she felt compelled to tackle the issue during her highly anticipated opening monologue. “As you are probably aware, 2020 has brought a lot of change to my personal life,” she explained.

Kelly Clarkson's husband

Kelly intends to keep the specifics of her divorce confidential in the future. “So, I’m usually very open and I usually talk about everything, but in this case, I will talk a little bit here and there about how it affects me personally, but probably won’t go too far into it because I’m a mama bear and my kids come first,” she says.

Clarkson was awarded primary custody of both of their children on November 30, 2020, according to court records acquired by USA Today. Clarkson filed for formal divorce in July 2021, claiming that she and Blackstock “both deserve the opportunity to build a new life” On August 3, 2021, the divorce was completed.

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