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Jackson Hearings Are a Route For Progressive Pieties

An opening statement is given by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at the U.S Senate Judiciary Committee on her nomination to the U.S Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C

There are no illusions that Democratic-appointed judges are likely to vote the same way as they do in the big cases. So the hopes for Ketanji Jackson are quite low.

Even after this hearing which is going on for a very long period of time, Jackson has been embracing the constitution according to its original public meaning.

Judge Jackson


  • She also mentioned that the Supreme court has established the freedom to use their fundamental rights.
  • When she was questioned by Chuck Grassley about Justice Breyer’s method of citing international law for interpreting the constitution. She strongly disagreed with the same and mentions she does not believe in her former boss.
  • When she was asked to compare justice, she could have easily taken Breyer’s name. But she didn’t and instead pointed on her own record.
  • She kept on mentioning the cops in her family and the requirements of the cops as well.
  • She also shared her experience of growing up which is completely different from others. Even more different from her parents as well.
  • Jackson agrees with Lindsay Graham that Authorization for the Use of Force 2001 is still in force as radical Islamic groups are still at war with us.

It is surprising that Jackson is trying to run away from any public defence about so many progressive arguments about America and its law.



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