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Instagram and adolescents: in turmoil, Facebook makes (soft) ads

The social network has been at the heart of a media storm lately, notably accused of being aware of “ causing harm to teenage girls ”.

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Nick Clegg, head of international affairs and communications at Facebook, made two announcements, as reported by Reuters. “ We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a huge difference: when our systems detect that the teenager is watching the same content over and over again and that is content that may not be conducive to his well-being, we will encourage him to look at other things “.

The second is the introduction of a function” Take a break “. As the name suggests, it “ makes teens just take a break from their Instagram use ”.

I’m just tired of hearing that “trust us”. It’s time to protect those parents who have had trouble with their children who become addicted to the platform , ”says Senator Amy Klobuchar.

This problem does not affect besides not that Instagram. Other social networks, like TikTok, have the same quirks.

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