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Hacker sends at least 100,000 emails from FBI server

The emails, sent last Saturday, alerted recipients to an alleged information leak. Analysis of their headers confirmed that the emails did come from FBI IP addresses, as evidenced by their DKIM signatures, notes BleepingComputer.

The FBI has confirmed the sophisticated attack that , however, did not allow the hacker to penetrate its servers. @pompompur_in, the author of the fake email, had indeed discovered a security flaw on an FBI web page for sending emails from its servers, as detailed by Krebs on Security.

Ironically, this FBI Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) bills itself as “ a gateway to law enforcement agencies, intelligence groups and criminal justice entities access to beneficial resources ”.

These resources will strengthen case development for investigators, improve information sharing between agencies and will be accessible in a centralized location! “, specifies the FBI.

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