Drew McKissick

Drew McKissick is an American politician and political leader. He is currently known as the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

He is also President of Drew McKissick public affairs of Columbia, South Carolina specialized in political techniques, planning, and organizations as well as the development of grassroots lobbying related to political action agendas.

He has experience of more than thirty years in grassroots politics and a passion for teaching others how the system should work and how to make it impactful. He also writes a bi-weekly section providing examinations and articles on current events.

Drew McKissisck

He has written multiple specialty editions negotiating with various facets of political education, organization, and mobilization as well as published research on current political and social topics.

He is a renowned Political personality and a widely supported politician in the United States but other politicians are against him and there are also several rumors against him on his sexuality.

Drew endorsement

His exact date of birth and age has not been disclosed yet. Drew’s age has been speculated between 50 to 55 years old. He has been in politics for more than 30 years and is a renowned prudent political strategist.

Drew McKissick: Personal Life

Drew McKissick’s wife’s name is Amy McKissick. There is not much information about their personal life as to how long they have been together and when they got married. They both have been seen together supporting one another professionally many times in many events.

Drew McKissick

His wife Amy McKissick gave many speeches on behalf of Drew during Drew’s campaign against his opposition Lin Wood. It showed that they support one another professionally too. There is no relevant information regarding any of his family members except his wife Amy McKissick.

Drew McKissick: Net Worth

Drew McKissick’s net worth has not been revealed yet. However, it is speculated that he must have an impressive net worth since Drew has been in politics for around three decades.


He is a master in Strategy, Scheduling, Organization, Marketing, Public associations, Social Media, Online activism, and Grassroots lobbying.


There have been a lot of rumors regarding different things about Drew McKissick. One of them is about his sexuality.

Drew has been in the discussion regarding his sexuality for a long time. He has also been in several movements and speeches against anti-gay matters. His opposition candidate Lin Wood and he got into an argument where Lin kept on saying that he knows something about Drew and Lindsey Graham, a US Senator. However, there are no clear remarks about what Lin knows about them but this has created a sensation that has led to rumors about him.