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Jeremy’s Razors – All you need to know

The nation has seen scores of retaliation against the ‘woke’ leftist culture. And one of the most significant and recent ones comes armed with razors, shaving foam and after-shave cream. That’s right folks! You heard it right. A recently launched business that deals with shaving products, named ‘Jeremy’s Razors’ has been making headlines for its pro-conservative stance that has won the hearts of its customers. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about Jeremy’s Razors. 

Jeremy’s Razor- Here are all the details you need to know

Jeremy's Razors

Why was Jeremy’s Razors launched?

Jeremy’s Razor is a newly released company by Jeremy Boreing, the co-founder of right wing media outlet, The Daily Wire. The business deals with grooming products like razors and shaving kits and was launched as a fierce competitor to another company, Harry’s, that provides similar products after a feud between Boreing and Harry’s. 

Products by Jeremy’s Razors

The products provided by Jeremy’s Razors have been widely accepted by consumers as better alternatives to Harry’s and the OG Gillette razors. 

The Founder’s series razor, as the company claims, is one of a kind, with premium features like:

More heft than the Left: Jeremy’s Founder’s series razor provides a premium rubber grip, and is armed with a matte tungsten handle, crafted for the “strong-willed.”

Razor fron the Founder's Series

Jeremy’s Razors wields six blades, ‘sharp as the truth,’ supported by a precision head that will “cut your damn whiskers!”

Pivots without caving: unlike the razors from Harry’s, Jeremy’s Razors pivot without caving in. 

Damn. That’s one intimidating razor!

Other products by Jeremy’s Razors include a shaving cream and a post-shave balm, enriched with the goodness of green tea and menthol that will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft and fresh. 

jeremy's razors founders kit

You can also purchase all these products in combination that come in a set called the Founder’s Kit. The kit includes the razor, shaving cream and the post-shave balm that comes in a neat little travel case. The Founder’s Kit “identifies as the best shave kit ever assembled and its preferred pronouns are Buy/Now.”

The Founder’s Kit is priced at $59.99, which you can purchase online from the website ihateharrys.com or jeremyrazors.com. 

The Harry’s-Daily Wire feud explained

A year ago, Harry’s razors terminated its advertising partnership worth $80,000 with The Daily Wire’s The Michael Knowles Show after a Twitter user with a two-person fanbase, complained to the company about a segment on the show.

The segment hosted by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr., was apparently “spreading homophobic and transphobic content” by equating “being trans to having schizophrenia,” as per the Twitter user’s accusation. At one point during the segment, Nicolosi made reference to a study that revealed some people seeking his treatment have conditions that relate with depression and schizophrenia.

The daily wire-harry's feud explained

The clip apparently at odds with Harry’s values features Knowles and Nicolosi discussing the treatments Nicolosi uses at the Reintegrative Therapy Association for patients who wish to change their behavior from homosexual to heterosexual tendencies. In a public announcement, Harry’s condemned the views in this video and called them “inexcusable”.

Boreing also targeted Harry’s for caving to “woke Twitter accounts” and trying to be seen as “ideological pure,” adding that Harry’s had always known the show was conservative, pointing out that the clip in question was from 2019.

In response, Boreing launched Jeremy’s Razors in March 2022. The company also released a commercial titled ‘Why I Hate Harry’s,’ which quickly became a Twitter sensation. In just 15 hours since its release, the video gathered a combined 2.9 million views from Twitter and YouTube, around 30,000 Likes, and over 8,000 Retweets (combined from @JeremysRazors, @realDailyWire, and @BenShapiro).

Jeremy's Razors

On the official Jeremy’s Razors website, the story is clearly laid out, with the beginning stating that Harry’s and Daily Wire had a deal, from which Harry’s could walk out anytime that it wanted. 

“They paid us. We advertised their razors. We did this for years, with the clear understanding that Harry’s can leave at any time, for any reason. But after they left us for saying that boys are boys and girls are girls, it was too much for them. So they betrayed us.” 

The story further explains that the views expressed on the programmes by the Daily Wire were labelled by Harry’s as “inexcusable” and the company dropped the ad partnership due to “misaligned values.” 

“They tried to shame you for the unforgivable sin of not adhering to their woke platitudes du jour,” claims the website, ending with a call to stop paying companies that “hate you” and give the money to Jeremy’s instead. “Harry’s and their ilk don’t want you in their world—but I want you in mine. So stop giving your money to corporations that hate you. Give it to me instead.”

“Our country is in distress”- A glimpse into the epic ad by Jeremy’s Razors

Jeremy's razors 'Greatest commercial ever'

The ‘greatest commercial ever’ by Jeremy’s Razors, with its hatred for Harry’s glaringly obvious just from the title, features models, bald eagles, flamethrowers and other exaggerated displays of traditional masculinity. 

“Our country is in trouble,” Boreing can be heard saying in the commercial that opens with him setting fire to a cart full of Harry’s products. 

The ad features the Daily Wire co-founder draped in a fur-trimmed cape, wearing a crown and sitting on a throne, saying, “Conservatives are being canceled by Hollywood, the media, universities, and now Harry’s razors.” He finished by asking The Daily Wire’s audience to “stop giving money to woke corporations who don’t think you deserve their product” and give it to Boreing instead.

I Hate Harry's ad

As part of the hate campaign against Harry’s, The Daily Wire revealed that it had also posted “I Hate Harry’s” advertisements right across the street from Harry’s head office. (What a sight it must have been, walking out of Harry’s HQ to be faced with Boreing’s glorious salt and pepper beard!)

 It was initially believed that the campaign was launched to encourage people to boycott Harry’s, but in a statement, Boreing said, “I’m not exactly calling for a boycott of Harry’s. Boycotts are reckless. I’m calling for people to buy my razor instead.”

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