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Roe v. Wade was overturned; Biden called it ‘a sad day’ for the court and the nation

With Roe v. Wade overturned by the Supreme Court, President Joe Biden has urged the Health and Human Services Department to ensure that abortion and contraceptive drugs are as widely accessible as possible. His government also wants to make sure that people can still get an abortion in another state.

Biden warned that the health and lives of American women were in jeopardy. He says that this decision is the result of decades of deliberate attempts to upset the balance of the U.S. legal system.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it ‘a sad day’ for the court and the nation

President Joe Biden noted that this was the first time the Supreme Court had revoked a fundamental privilege, and he termed it a tragic day for the court and for the nation.

Senator Joe Biden urged voters to make their opinions known by electing representatives who would restore access to abortion on a federal and local level. Roe is up for re-election this autumn, he said. Personal liberties are on the agenda in this year’s election. Privacy, freedom, and equality are all up for grabs in this year’s midterm elections.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

In the next few weeks, there will be more news about how the president plans to use his power to protect women in places where abortion is illegal.

According to Vice President Joe Biden, women who get pregnant as a consequence of rape or incest are especially vulnerable to this choice. said he was shocked by the outcome.

According to him, restoring federal safeguards for abortion would be the responsibility of Congress.

There has been an immediate response to the Supreme Court’s decision. Other prominent politicians, including Biden, have responded to this decision.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

Former President Donald Trump took credit for the outcome after Biden’s address on the issue.

President Trump made the claim in that address that he had accomplished all he had set out to do, notably selecting and confirming three highly regarded and powerful constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. To do so, he said, was an honor.

Democrats in Congress issued statements shortly after the verdict, urging voters to support more Democrats, while Republicans applauded years of action and pressed for more.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia singled out two of the nine justices who voted with the majority for criticism. When Gorsuch and Kavanaugh testified that they felt Roe v. Wade was a fixed and clear framework, he trusted them, and now he is frightened that they have chosen to disregard the safety that the verdict has offered for two generations of American families.

If the Democrats lose control of Congress in November, Republicans will be able to pass laws that make it harder for women to get an abortion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was obviously enraged by the ruling and pledged that the issue would play a role in the next elections.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

Pelosi cautioned the public to be on the lookout for a countrywide ban on abortion in the wake of this decision. However, she went on to say, they can’t have a majority in Congress to achieve that.

In the long-running fight over abortion rights, both sides have accused each other of being extremists and radicals, and the speech on Friday showed how much they dislike each other.

As the leading Republican in Congress, Rep. Kevin McCarthy tweeted that people must continue to oppose radical ideas that would permit late-term abortions and that public funds would be used to subsidize these surgeries. There is still a long way to go in protecting the most defenseless members of our society.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, likewise referred to Democrats as “extreme” on the issue of abortion. McConnell hailed the ruling as a historic triumph for the Constitution, saying he shared the excitement of anti-abortion campaigners.

What is Roe V. Wade about?

In Roe v. Wade, a decision made by the United States Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, the court said that state laws that restrict abortion are illegal.

First, the claimant, Norma McCorvey, sued Dallas County’s district attorney, Henry Wade, on behalf of “Jane Roe,” which was a name she used to hide who she was.

Roe v. Wade: Biden called it 'a sad day' for the court and the nation

Unlike Roe, the Supreme Court disagreed with his argument that a woman had an unrestricted right to end her pregnancy by any method and at any period. In a delicate balancing act, pregnant women’s health and the lives of their fetuses were weighed by the Supreme Court. A state’s overwhelming concern for protecting the health of a pregnant woman allowed it to control abortion at the conclusion of the first trimester.

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