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Kristi Noem’s Family: Everything you need to know

Christie Lynn Noem Arnold was born on November 30, 1971, in Los Angeles, California. She is an American politician who now serves as the 33rd Governor of South Dakota. She is a supporter of the Republican Party. She was a member of the US House of Representatives of South Dakota’s major parliamentary districts from 2011 to 2019. From 2007 to 2011, she was a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives in the Sixth Parliamentary District. Kristi Noem was elected as South Dakota’s first female governor in 2018 and is the state’s first female governor. Details about Kristi Noem’s family have been provided below.

Kristi Noem's family

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Noem, who was elected as a Trump supporter, willfully refused to listen to medical specialists’ advice. She did not implement any of the normal public health and safety safeguards in place in other jurisdictions. She disobeyed face mask guidelines and questioned the masks’ effectiveness.

Noem’s Response regarding Covid 19

During the COVID-19 outbreak in South Dakota, Noem was initially sympathetic to containment tactics. As President Donald Trump began to openly reject government intervention, she took a hands-off approach. During a spike in cases in the state in November 2020, she used pandemic relief monies to promote tourism.


Noem refused to enforce face mask laws, questioned the effectiveness of mask use, and pushed for large meetings with no social distancing or mask use. She also questioned the opinion of public health specialists. As of December 2020, she was one of the few governors who had not maintained statewide stay-at-home orders or face-mask prohibitions. Trump’s tone and treatment of COVID-19 were repeated in her reaction.

Kristi Noem 3

Noem did not necessitate social separation or the wearing of face masks during a July 3 meeting at Mount Rushmore with Trump in attendance. According to health experts, large gatherings without social distancing or mask-wearing pose a risk to public health.

Based on scientific facts, Noem questioned the efficacy of masks. In an editorial for the Rapid City Journal, she defended her position. She quoted data from the American College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Elective operations have been postponed by South Dakota’s two major hospital systems in order to increase available space and manpower. In the lack of a statewide mask law, hospital systems urged patients to wear masks. Mayor Paul TenHaken of Sioux Falls warned his citizens to “wear a dang mask.” During the epidemic, South Dakota was one of only two states in the country that did not provide emergency financial assistance to tenants.

Kristi Noem

Despite the positive test rate and hospitalization rate both increasing in October 2020, Noem maintained the increased case numbers were attributable to additional testing. The state then recorded the second-highest number of new COVID-19 cases per capita in the country. Hospitals began emphasizing the treatment of severe COVID-19 cases over those that were less severe.

Kristi Noem’s family and husband

Kristi Noem's family

Noem is married to Bryon Noem. They are the parents of three children. Noem’s family stayed on a ranch outside Castlewood, South Dakota when she went to Washington in 2011 to take up her congressional seat. Noem is a devout Christian. The Noem family was a member of a Foursquare Church in Watertown, South Dakota, as of 2018. 

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