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Israel’s annexed Golan Heights is covered in snow after an overnight storm- See Pictures

Massive snowfall fell in the Golan Heights and mountainous regions of northern Israel overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, blanketing many areas into frigid sleet and cold swept across the country.

Residents of the Golan Heights in northern Israel woke up Wednesday to a thick layer of snow covering the ground, with a dusting also expected in the higher peaks of central Israel, including, possibly, Jerusalem.

Emergency, rescue and medical services were gearing up for a significant storm that is set to last through Thursday.

Police said significant roads in the Golan had been closed to traffic while schools in the area remained shut due to the weather conditions.

On the Golan Heights, temperatures declined to minus 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Schools were shut down for the second continuous day. Fresh snowfall covered the Golan Heights in the far north of Israel and drew visitors worldwide to enjoy the snow.

Jerusalem Too Saw Some Snowfall

Snow also fell extensively in the Galilee region and provinces of central Israel. Situated more than 500 meters above sea level and in Jerusalem. The municipality of the Israeli capital authorized the opening of schools an hour late at 9 a.m. Thursday due to the hazard of slippery layers of snow on the roads.

Heavy rain and intense winds also affected other regions overnight. A tree fell on Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv, destroying a few cars but preventing injuries.

The Israel Electricity Corporation documented record winter consumption, which peaked at 14,753 megawatts. Winning against the record set in 2020 of 13,182 megawatts.  The company said it had to deal with several power supply disturbances overnight due to weather damage.

Storm covers Israel’s north in white as Jerusalem braces for the first snow in years.

It is anticipated that the cold spell will begin again overnight from Thursday to Friday before a rise in temperatures is foreseen for the weekend.  However, snow could again fall on Israel next week, as it did last month.

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