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‘You failed’: Bill Maher blasts Twitter for censoring Post after bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s laptop

Bill Maher, a comedian, supports Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, claiming that the company needs a “new sheriff” after failing to uphold the First Amendment, particularly whenever it started kicking the New York Post off the platform in 2020 after the paper’s bombshell Hunter Biden laptop report. Elon Musk has agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion dollars. “Free speech is indeed the bedrock of a functional democracy, and Twitter seems to be the digital city square in which matters vital to humanity’s future are debated,” the tech billionaire said. Bill Maher blasted Twitter’s current and previous monitoring for “failing” to turn the platform into an open city square for online debate on Friday. It’s time for Twitter to have a “new sheriff,” according to Maher.

Why did Twitter block users for sharing a link?

With the help of MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and former Alabama Senator Doug Jones, Maher complained against censorship on Twitter, which Musk recently purchased for $44 million with the stated goal of privatising the company and restoring free speech. Following the publication of The Post’s report in October 2020, Twitter trapped the paper from its account for further than two weeks, based on false allegations that perhaps the exposé used hacked data.

Twitter blocked its users for sharing a link
Twitter blocked its users for sharing a link

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The connection to The Post article denoting that Hunter Biden presented President Joe Biden towards the Ukrainian businessman’s Twitter account was also suspended, with the link branded as “potentially harmful.” Facebook has also stated that the same spread of The Post’s story will be limited on its platform.

Twitter made a “mistake,” according to Jack Dorsey, by prohibiting users from sharing

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in November 2020 that Twitter made a “mistake” by preventing users from sharing The Washington Post’s explosive report on Hunter Biden’s emails.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

“We acknowledge it as a misstep that people made, both in terms of the policy’s intent and the action taken of not letting users share it publicly or privately,” Dorsey said at a Senate Committee hearing wherein he and Facebook founding member Mark Zuckerberg have been grilled by lawmakers about their companies’ influence and alleged anti-conservative bias.

The blackout of The Washington Post, according to Dorsey, was caused by a “process error”

Dorsey claimed The Post blackout was a “process error” during a House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting on misleading information and social media in March 2021. It was nothing more than a clerical error.

“This was not directed at them in any way,” Dorsey told Congress. After reviewing “a stash of files that appeared to come from a laptop neglected by Mr. Biden in some kind of a repair shop,” which were verified by people involved with the case into Biden’s business dealings, Some proved the presence of Hunter Biden’s laptop just last month.

What actually happened?

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the HBO host invited former Democratic Alabama Senator Doug Jones and MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi to speak about how much moderation Twitter should have as an online town square. “Has Twitter failed in the past to establish itself as judge of what could go out there?” Maher wondered.

Real Time with Bill Maher
Real Time with Bill Maher

“But I would respond yes, you have,” he replied to his own question. “You ended in failure when you decided to throw the New York Post off of Twitter for speaking about Hunter Biden’s emails,” Maher said, slamming Twitter’s management. And it ended up being a true story. “That you said we couldn’t read whether COVID came from a lab, you were wrong. You failed! “Twitter flagged our clip insulting Twitter employees for being too delicate for sensitive content,” Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann wrote. Musk responded with a series of laughing emojis. For flagging the video, Maher said Twitter had a “complete lack of self-awareness.”

Maher mocked Twitter for being too sensitive

“Twitter said, ‘Sensitive content,'” Maher noted. “They mocked Twitter in the video for being overly sensitive. This reminds me of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The Babylon Bee video, according to Maher, “is within and which satire has always been.”

Bill Maher & Elon Musk Clash
Bill Maher & Elon Musk Clash

“And the truth that they flagged it as insensitive demonstrates their lack of self about their own issue. You’ve failed Twitter if that’s where the line is. You are in desperate need of a new sheriff.” Twitter was chastised by Maher. According to Fox News, Maher criticised Twitter for becoming a “left-wing place.” “Twitter could become a place in which you might have seen a viewpoint that you did not officially consider,” the liberal talk show host emphasised, “and we desperately need that in America.”

Maher chastised the public education system for neglecting to teach young Americans civics

According to the HBO host, “Elon Musk, instead of a 23-year-old who can’t really take the joke on Babylon Beeswax, what the f*** that is, I should make the rules.” “I think it is a generation that has never noticed the word “violence,” Maher says of Gen Z. “Violence,” they believe, makes reference to “any of it I don’t like.” Their principle for free speech is ‘I’m uncomfortable.’ Isn’t that the way it’s done?”

Bill Maher
Bill Maher

“Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher admonished the public education system for attempting to teach civics to young Americans. “Civics is a thing of the past. They have no idea… ‘Free speech? What does that even mean? My feelings were hurt.” That is what is important to them. That’s something I’m concerned about. “I mean, it’s something I constantly hear,” Maher stated.



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