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U. S House Panel To Vote On Contempt Charge Against Two More Associates Of Trump

The committee of the U. S House of Representatives considering the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021, withholds Peter Navarro a former trade advisor to former President Donald Trump.


The committee also decided to move toward holding Daniel Scavino who was the deputy chief of staff for Trump with regard to non-compliance with subpoenas.

The selected people in the committee have decided to conduct a meeting on Monday and when there is a full house, voting needs to be done for the contempt of Congress and refer them for federal prosecution.

Trump requests his associates to cooperate with the committee

Trump has requested their associates to cooperate with the committee after leading out the Democratic-led investigation which is politically motivated.

Trump also mentioned that any communication done by him is executive privilege. But many legal experts mentioned that principles that are legal in nature do not apply to former presidents.

On February 9, the committee announced that they have issued a subpoena to Navarro, who is said to be a very big player when it comes to defeating Democratic President Joe Biden in the 2020 elections.

As mentioned in the letter by the Biden administration on February 28, it was an executive privilege that was given to Navarro and the privilege given to him was not in the national interest.

Navarro said in interviews taken by the media and also in his book named “the Green Bay Sweep” that he was trying to stop Biden’s power as he wanted to keep Trump in power forever.

Dan Scavino

In the month of September, Scavino was Subpoenaed. As mentioned by the committee that he was the witness to all of Trump’s activities on the day when the assault took place on the seat of the U. S Government.

On January 6 the committee approved the contempt of congress report and the matter is supposed to be referred to in the presence of the full house.

The House has already approved two other criminal referrals- Steve Bannon the chief strategist for Donald Trump and the other one is Mark Meadows who is a former House member.

The Bottom Line

Bannon was charged with federal charges for refusing to cooperate with the committee and also for not presenting the required documents for the investigation.

In the month of December, the House has already voted the Department of Justice is yet to give its final result.


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