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Trump’s Media Company Is Hiring Producers to Create MAGA-Friendly Television

Donald Trump’s media company is now hiring for its upcoming streaming television service, with job postings on job sites looking for creators to help produce Trump’s MAGAfied response to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) advertised on Wednesday that it was searching for a content creation manager to create programming for its new streaming service, TMTG+. The channel will be “a ‘Big Tent’ digital network broad-based entertainment grounded in free speech,” according to the ad. The service will provide “a wide wide range of non, scripted, and original content,” according to the job description.

Trump announced the formation of TMTG+

On Thursday, a TMTG spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment, including questions about upcoming programming. However, according to the ad, TMTG+ could feature anything from scripted shows, series, and sitcoms to non-scripted television programs, news programming, “documentaries,” and even a come back to Apprentice-style reality TV.

TMTG+ official notification
TMTG+ official notification

In brief, the company claims that you will soon be able to “MAGA-and-chill.” In October, Trump announced the formation of TMTG, a multi-pronged “non-woke” media conglomerate that would include a social media network — the perennially faltering Truth Social — and other pro-Trump press outlets aimed at countering a media he believed was biassed against him. Trump announced in October that he was launching TMTG, a $1.7 billion multimedia conglomerate that owns both the TMTG+ streaming channel as well as Truth Social, an app that the former president hoped would compete with the larger social media networks that had suspended him following the Capitol insurgency.

Trump to make new moves for 2024 elections

If TMTG+ goes live, it will provide a steady stream of Trump-controlled media, which, along with pro-Trump channels like One America News, will help Trump’s campaign if he decides to run for president again in 2024. It would also satisfy Trump’s desire for commercial television. Over the last few years, Trump has appeared to be envious of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s lucrative deal with the famous streaming service Netflix.

What is TMTG+
What is TMTG+

But it’s unclear how confident Trump — who still has his day job as king of the Republican Party — is in his own company these days. Starting in February, the ex-president began privately demanding to know “what the f* is going on” with Truth Social, yelling and swearing on the phone to confidants about his social-media app’s humiliating roll-out. (For his part, Trump has barely even used his own app.)

According to a former Trump White House official with a direct understanding of the incident, the 45th president would occasionally complain that he, not Obama, was the one who deserved the big Hollywood deals because, in Trump’s opinion, he knew how to “get ratings” better than Obama, owing to his time hosting The Apprentice. Indeed, Trump spent an awkward potion of his presidency openly railing against what he dubbed the “Obama Netflix.”

TMTG+ advertised on Wednesday for a “content acquisition professional”

TMTG+ advertised on Wednesday for a “content acquisition professional” who can help the channel “identify content for licensing, Origin possession, and negotiate distribution rights” for the platform, in addition to its involvement in original programming. When TMTG went public in the fall of 2021, an investor display filed with the Securities & Exchange Board gave the very first indications that the company planned to expand into streaming video.

History of President Trump's entertainment success
History of President Trump’s entertainment success

Producer Scott St. John was named as the potential leader of TMTG+ programming by the company. St. John, like former President Trump, worked as a producer on NBC’s Deal or No Deal and America’s Got Talent. According to the presentation, TMTG estimated a market of 10 million potential subscribers for its streaming channel, a far cry from the hundreds of millions of subscriptions that big media companies like Netflix and Disney+ have, but one that represented a “long-term revenue opportunity” estimated in the billions of dollars.


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