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Trump to hold rally in Nebraska for GOP candidate with harassment allegations against him

Trump said accusations that gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster groped eight women were “unfair.” Speaking at a rally in Nebraska, Trump said Herbster was “the most innocent human being.” Herbster has been accused of groping by eight women, which he denies. Former President Donald Trump defended Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, who has denied accusations that he groped several women.

Trump said that he would protect his friends

Herbster has been “the most innocent human being,” Trump said at a rally in Nebraska on Sunday, April 1. “He’s been unfairly maligned, which is unfortunate. It’s why I came out here in the first place “At the rally, Trump said.


“I just had to protect my friends, although I have to protect good people. He’s been with us since the beginning… He’s been my friend for thirty years, he’s the most innocent human being you’ll ever meet, and he’s the last person you’d expect to do anything like this.”

Trump’s candidates accused of sexual assault cases

And over a hundred candidates for different positions have received Trump’s support. The Republican kingmaker’s reputation will be put to the test in upcoming elections in many competitive House, Senate, and governor’s races. Trump sponsored Ohio former congressman Max Miller, who has denied allegations that he molested his ex-girlfriend, former White House press assistant Stephanie Grisham, as reported in July 2021.

Max Miller
Max Miller

Monica De La Cruz, who is running for Congress in Texas, has also received Trump’s support. De La Cruz has denied allegations made by her ex-husband as well as noted by some Post that she assaulted her teenage stepdaughter physically and verbally. Since the 1970s, Trump has now been accused of sexual harassment by at least 26 women. He has categorically denied the allegations, calling his accusers “liars.”

Herbster denied the sexual assault accusations

Herbster said in a statement trying to deny the accusations of sexual assault against him: “These libellous allegations are 100 per cent false. “I’ve employed hundreds of people for over thirty years. Women have always been respected and empowered in my company, farm, and now campaign. “The fake-news story is based on shadowy, unnamed sources, and one person who’d been appointed by Governor Ricketts and whose relatives have profited from Chief Ricketts’ patronage for years. This isn’t just bad reporting; it’s libellous fake news.”

I will not back down-says Herbster
I will not back down-says Herbster

Ricketts denied in a statement that he was involved in the original Nebraska Examiner document outlining the allegations. “To recommend that I or anybody conspired to talk to eight women and more witnesses in order to fabricate narratives about Charles Herbster is ridiculous.” Ricketts stated, “It’s just not plausible.” Pillen previously stated that sexually harassing women must be “disqualifying for anyone seeking to serve as a leader,” and that both he and his wife are desperately hoping for the women “targeted” by Herbster in a previous statement. Herbster has been reached out for a response.

What is Charles Herbster’s background?

Herbster is the owner of Herbster Angus Farms in Falls City and Conklin, a Kansas Town firm that sells a variety of products from farm fertilisers to motor oils, in addition to his heavy involvement in politics.

He was a frequent Republican Party donor for years, including giving $91,600 to Mitt Romney’s presidential election campaign in 2012. Herbster had been a short-lived candidate in Nebraska’s 2014 gubernatorial election, but he dropped out after a few weeks due to concerns that he lived in Kansas City, Missouri, rather than Nebraska.

Charles Herbster
Charles Herbster

According to the Omaha World-Herald, he then donated millions to the campaign of State Senator Beau McCoy, who lost to Ricketts. In 2013, Herbster met Trump for the first time at the former government’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Herbster was in Trump Tower in Brooklyn in 2015 when Trump announced his presidential candidacy by descending a golden escalator.

Herbster supported Trump throughout his presidency and also was present while Trump delivered a speech at the “Stop the Stealing” rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6, well before his followers stormed the Capitol.

According to the Nebraska Examiner, he was also among a group of key Trump allies who met on Jan 5, 2021, at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., to supposedly explain how they might push congress members to deny the authorization of the Electoral votes in favour of Joe Biden. Herbster was appointed as deputy secretary by Trump and chaired Trump’s agricultural task force during his presidency.




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