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The government will announce the “industrial pillar of the national cloud strategy”

Last May, the introduction of licenses allowing foreign players to be labeled “ Cloud of confidence ” if they are associated with French players was freshly received. Since then, we have also learned that Microsoft will be a partner of Orange and Capgemini through Bleu, Thalès doing the same with Google. Enough to make local actors relive the period of the sovereign cloud, American sauce.

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Cédric O had nevertheless promised that the sector would not be put aside and had announced an event to detail his plan shortly. It is finally this November 2 from 14 h 30 that it will be held at OVHcloud, which has just gone public.

We will find out at 15 h 15 the “ acceleration strategy ” and the funding that “ will be detailed as well as the strategy to grow French players, promote innovation in this area and develop new technologies ”. Everything will be presented in 15 minutes. The main focus should be on Calls for Expressions of Interest (MAI) and their European equivalent (CEIP) closed in May. Not enough to thrill the actors we interviewed for the moment.

Some are also doubtful about the place selected, when they do not say they learn the holding of this presentation. This probably explains why only OVHcloud and its customers are mentioned in the day’s program.

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