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T-Mobile scam group text (Free message: Your bill is paid for March)

T – Mobile is a brand name used by telecommunications companies in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United States of America. It was set up 22 years ago in the year 1999. The name T – Mobile was also used in many countries like Croatia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, The United Kingdom and many more countries.

T – Mobile is a German Telecommunication company. It operates in several countries across the world. T – Mobile generates about $68 Billion in revenue. The United States T – Mobile has 104 Million subscribers.

The T  – Mobile international subsidiaries had a combined total of approximately 230 Million subscribers, thus making it the world’s thirteenth largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers and the fourth-largest multinational after Vodafone and Airtel. T – Mobile has been discontinued in many countries like the UK, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro etc.

History of T – Mobile

Deutsche Bundespost was a German State-run postal service and telecommunication business founded in 1947. They were the monopoly that operated and owned the radiotelephone services of Germany’s initial mobile – communication services.

Deutsche Bundespost in 1985 launched the analog first – generation C – netz (C network or C – Tel). Later in 1989 Deutsche Bundespost was reorganized into a seperate telecommunication unit called Deutsche Bundespost Telekom by West Germany.


In 1992 Deutsche Bundespost Telekom started operating Germany’s first Global System for Mobile Communications GSM network with C – netz. This later came to be known as D – Netz.

Further as part of Germany Telecommunications reforms Deutsche Bundespost Telekom was renamed as Deutsche Bundespost Telekom AG on 1st January 1992. This was later privatized and became the largest IPO of its time.

Overview of the T – Mobile hacking situation

In August of 2021, many of the subscribers of T – Mobiles experiences a breach in data. The T – mobile company was hacked and the customers began to receive messages saying that their bill was paid for the month of March and they were free to use the following. All the customers of T – Mobile had got really irritated and frustrated with the free message.


Many customers complained to the T – Mobile and they tried their best to resolve the issue in the best way possible. On the 16th of August 2021, T – Mobile made a very public announcement of the hacking by which the hackers had access to the private data of millions of T – Mobiles customers.

Later on, an American hacker named John Binns accepted the responsibility for the hacking and several lawsuits of breach of data and privacy were filed against him.

The hacking of T – Mobile

T – Mobile is very famous around the United States of America offering 5G coverage throughout the country. T – Mobile offered various services like wireless voice, messaging and data services. Lately, a lot of lawsuits have been filed against the company for the mass hacking of data leading to a breach of privacy in August last year.

Not only that but many of T – Mobile subscribers are getting scam messages that their bill for the following months has been paid and they r free to use the services. Many complaints have been received from the customers.

Here are some of the customers’ complaints 

“For some reason over the past week I’ve been getting a lot of spam text messages. I’m using Google messages and it looks like the system is detecting these messages and automatically moving them to the spam & block section of Google messages. The thing is that I don’t want to receive a text notification every time a spam message comes through and is blocked. I’ve never experienced this with Samsung messages and it just started happening with Google messages. Is there a way to disable notifications for spam messages? ” – said an anonymous source?

T-Mobile Scam message
T-Mobile Scam message

“The spam text messages are relentless. I am getting spam texts 10 times a day and they are coming from an email address. And now the past 2 days I have been getting numerous group spam texts which are even more infuriating because people start replying to it and now I have a near-constant feed of texts coming in from people I don’t know spammers,” – said another unknown source.

How to block group messages on android

Here are the steps to block group messages or notifications if you are an android user using Google messages. Below are the steps to be followed.

T-Mobile Scam Shield
T-Mobile Scam Shield

Click and hold the Google Messages App. Click on the “i” icon. Click on notifications. It will take you to the notification categories. Select Spam Protection. This will let you enable spam protection. Thus stopping the app from notifying you that spam messages were sent to the spam section of the app –

How to block group messages on IOS

To block group messages on an IOS device try sending a particular message to 7726 and also immediate bring it to T – Mobiles notice. Blocking the sender of the message and leaving or deleting the group in which spam messages are sent can also be tried by the user receiving these messages on an IOS device.

Scam Shield
Scam Shield

Hey! You can report spam by forwarding the entire message to 7726. The information you send to 7726 may be shared with government agencies and others that work to combat spam and prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair practices. Reporting spam and p… https://t-mo.cc/jkx63xj2qy – Said an unknown source.

We wish that  T – Mobile looks into the matter and tries their best to resolve the matter at the earliest. Please stay tuned to World Wire. We will keep updating you on the situation as and when any progress is made. Stay tuned to World Wire!



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