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RIP, Orange Concessions, XpFibre: Netalis has “referred Arcep to a request for an administrative investigation”

On LinkedIn, Nicolas Guillaume (CEO of FAI Netalis), recalls that “ the operation of RIPs is now engaged in a movement of concentration around 3 players (XpFibre – the entity resulting from the takeover of the RIP operator Covage by SFR -, Altitude and Orange) ”. He adds that the incumbent operator, after “ having fought the RIPs, now makes it a pillar of its activity with a dedicated subsidiary Orange Concessions

A problem according to him: “ if Orange is held to a series of obligations imposed by Arcep following market analysis decisions, this is not the case for its subsidiary Orange Concessions ”. “ Indeed, to our knowledge to date, the market analysis decisions only target Orange and in no way its subsidiary Orange Concessions which was subsequently incorporated “, adds

He points to concerns about the RIPs taken over by Orange Concessions, in particular in Haute-Saône where “ operators who are historically customers assist to a significant deterioration of the proposed conditions ”. Mixture, the “ sustainability of services initially provided is no longer guaranteed “, “ the economic balance of certain services is suddenly brought back to normal. question “, etc.

In short,” everything seems to be done to dissuade local operators from offering their services to companies and communities addressable by means of RIPs, while at the same time Orange’s retail branch is targeting these markets very aggressively ”.

He therefore decided to go on the attack: “ Netalis recently submitted a request to Arcep for an administrative investigation such as to allow the regulator to have all the elements to draw up an observation of the situation which could be the basis of corrective actions aimed at remedying the dysfunctions encountered “.

He finally invites” the greatest number of our colleagues to join this alert action ”.

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