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Plan France THD: settlement of accounts at OK Corral

You see, the world is divided into two categories…

Plan France THD : règlement de comptes à OK Corral

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Sébastien Gavois

By Sébastien Gavois

Friday 15 October 15 To 08: 12

In the fiber, it’s the jungle , even war. On the one hand, there are the infrastructure operators who deploy the network, on the other hand the ISPs and their customers. In the middle, the points of mutualisation, the technicians, the Arcep… Welcome to what could be a remake of the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly .

For months (some would say years), the state of the points pooling (PM) worries both users and operators. It must be said that photos and videos of these cabinets damaged, gutted, cut up and with packages of noodles inside are widely circulating on social networks (an example). Sometimes it is the elected officials who step up to express their dissatisfaction.

We took advantage of our trip to the THD summer school to interview the various players in the sector and collect the temperature… which is to say that the atmosphere was electric. Everyone takes it for their grade, from the regulator to the technicians and the operators.

Our dossier on the THD summer school:

    • The deployment of fiber in the face of the harsh reality on the ground
  • France THD plan: settlement of accounts at OK Corral

Jungle in the fiber: connected cabinets to try to limit the damage (to come)

How many levels of subcontractors can we reach?

To note :

As part of the production of this article, we went to the THD summer school in Saint-Etienne. InfraNum took care of part of our transport, accommodation and catering on site. In accordance with our ethical commitments, this was done without any editorial obligation on our part, without interference from InfraNum.

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