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Paris 2024: Olympic Games in France, the cloud at Chinese Alibaba

“We have to do a lot more”

Paris 2024 : des J.O. en France, le cloud chez le chinois Alibaba

Credits: Marc Rees

Marc Rees

By Marc Rees

Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 11: 30

“JO 2024: how the French team is preparing for the challenges cybersecurity? Was the theme of an evening organized yesterday in Paris, on the sidelines of the Assises to be held in Monaco next month. The choice of the Chinese giant to manage “cloud” infrastructures is already raising questions for both the Interior Ministry and ANSSI.

At each Games, “ the context changes, the threats evolve

”. Ziad Khoury, the national coordinating prefect for gaming security, stressed yesterday how necessary the adoption of a “ global cybersecurity strategy ” in the perspective 2024. To this end, a national plan will be presented in the coming months, in which the Ministry of the Interior such as ANSSI will intervene.

For Thomas Collomb, Deputy Director of Security at the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (or COJO), the meeting of 2021 is not neutral with a surface of cyberattacks which will extend from the preparatory phases to the disassembly. “ We are therefore very far from other events in terms of sizing “.

A plural temporal and geographical dimensioning with competitions organized in several places, requiring not to” not work in silos ”. Hence also the imminent arrival of multiple public-private partnerships.

To sharpen knowledge, an observation program was set up during the last Games to which the partners, particularly state partners. Atos, “ top sponsor

” of the Games, will again have the responsibility for the integration of all information systems. Daniel Le Coguic, Senior Vice President, Public and Defense sector and responsible for the Program “ Security of major events and the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 ”, gave no details, enclosed in a clause of confidentiality.

Nevertheless, he admits, “ due to the pandemic, the barycenter of the risk has mainly shifted to cybersecurity issues

”. Naturally, Games without a spectator were also Games without ticketing and therefore without a dedicated computer system.

The Olympic Games in Japan were therefore “ powerfully digital

”. And for this meeting like that of 2024, “ we have enormous pressure from the CIO

”, with two objectives: to ensure the operational, but also“ produce information for televisions ”so that the right content is provided at the right time.

With the significant increase in connected objects, means of transport and Edge Computing, Atos also expects a “ accumulation of possibilities of cyber attacks ”.

In Tokyo, 30 security events… per second

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