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OVHcloud launches its Google Anthos offer, with SecNumCloud in 2022

Announced last year, it is now available as indicated by the host on Twitter on the sidelines of the government’s announcements on the industrial pillar of its cloud strategy. As a reminder, it allows Google’s cloud services to be used on a third-party infrastructure, here that of Roubaix.

Its name is finally Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos, offered in the form of “ starter packs ”with an entry fee of 3 000 euros HT per month and a three-month commitment. A solution “ ideal for a test or a PoC ” which comprises 5 nodes each comprising 12 vCPU at 3.3 Ghz, 64 GB of memory and 2 local PCIe SSD (NVMe) of 500 Go.

Count 5 900 euros excluding tax and 1 year of commitment for a solution at 15 nodes. For 12 700 euros per month, the host adds a NetApp managed cluster of 55 To for active replication x2. 50 Public IPv4 are included as standard.

These different elements will be offered as options with a maximum of 256 IPv4 per service, 64 bare metal nodes per Kubernetes cluster and up to 50 Kubernetes clusters by Anthos environment, secondly. Until then, or for larger deployments, you must contact your specific OVHcloud sales contact.

Everything still smells a bit of fresh paint since it is specified that “ the Dedicated NetApp console is not yet available Anthos updates will only be available after the launch phase ”. As a reminder, these will be managed by the customer who can choose to apply them or not with possible rollback.

It is currently impossible to connect an Anthos deployment to an existing vRack . This option will be added later. “ You can however move existing services to the vRack delivered with your Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos ”.

We learn by the way that “ other functionalities are planned for 2022, such as the availability of services on a greater number of data centers, Cloud Run for Anthos, Migrate for Anthos , PCI DSS and SecNumCloud certifications ”, as well as a“ An OVHcloud equivalent of the Marketplace ”.

The start guide is available here, the technical documentation there.

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